Topic: Is this the revival of Kirby Right back at Ya?

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I watched the show a bit some just to catch up a bit last year. I thought it was an okay show, although I hope that tiny bird is not Pitch.
Incidentally, me reading an ad about this show got me into Kirby: Nightmare in DreamLand (GBA Kirby's Adventure), and it did not disappoint. [The game I mean, the show I barely watched back in 2002-2003]
O_O Is it really coming back? At least we'll have a season finale that ends in an appropriate matter (to me that is).

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Just one word.
And that's why the show sucks (well only the 4kids dub....)



The 4Kids dub SUCKS, but the Japanese version of the Kirby animated series is awesome. If Nintendo revive the Japanese version, and somebody uploaded the new episodes with English dubs, I would be very happy. Kirby's TV series might be returning after all.

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