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slapshot82 wrote:

IT................. scared the crap out of me as a kid and hated clown ever since and there are clown on TV right now on this show Im watching, and its not cool.

I understand. You have a phobia of them then. Sorry to hear that man



Well, it is morally wrong. However, in this thread you're not the "worst"

Justifying what essentially amounts to theft because you don't agree with the business practices of the company you stole from is equatable to vigilantism. Vigilantism, the anarchic belief that you have some kind of right to judge and execute a sentence outside of the laws and society we live in displays a whole host of sins, far beyond the mere act of theft.

Of course, the original poster isn't guilty of this, the people going "OMFG Gamestop deserved it they rip us off!!11" etc etc are. That's the real moral "wrongness" in this thread.


chunky_droid wrote:

Well thanks for all the feedback guys, I'm thinking I should probably take it back. Though it did seem like a good idea at the time.

I didn't lose any sleep over it but it's been plaguing my mind for the last couple of days so maybe from a karmatic perspective I'm being told to take it back.

Once again thanks guys there's been a lot to think about from your comments.

Seriously if you do that you're nuts! Keep the game and move on. Give the difference in cost to a homeless guy if it makes you feel better, but don't get yourself banned from the shop by "doing the right thing" or whatever!

I won't say it's "only fair" as some have, but you didn't shoplift the thing either, so there's some middle ground. I'm pretty sure I've returned goods I accidentally damaged myself and passed it off as defective before and I didn't lose any sleep over it.

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I agree that it wouldn't accomplish much to try to tell the store now, and would only cause further complication or confusion. If you still feel guilty, just take the difference in cash it saved you and do something nice for someone.

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