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Bwahahahaha that's awesome. Of course it's wrong, but it's not like you were dealing wtih angels here. Stick it back at 'em for a change.

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Woot! Woot! Busted mister.

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I don't get all the Gamestop / EB hate. I've never had a problem with them.



Well thanks for all the feedback guys, I'm thinking I should probably take it back. Though it did seem like a good idea at the time.

I didn't lose any sleep over it but it's been plaguing my mind for the last couple of days so maybe from a karmatic perspective I'm being told to take it back.

Once again thanks guys there's been a lot to think about from your comments.

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I know I might have a different set of morals than other people on this site, but I think it was awesome what you did there. I mean, it's unlikely that any individual is gonna suffer from it and considering all the crap that Gamestop have been responsible over the years I can hardly feel sorry for them. Besides, it's unlikely that they'll topple over and die because of what you did.

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I think the cat story is hilarious.

As for what you did --- dude its a PS2 game. You can get a replacement for like $10 USD.

I'm just sorry that there is no video of what happened with the cat and the fireplace that I can view on Youtube.

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Prosody wrote:

You lied and essentially stole a working copy of the game. I'd say it's pretty wrong.


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Yes it is wrong, 'morally'. I'm certain the shop in question would never screw you over, never overcharge or fix prices and always be fair when trading, how could you do such a thing, I mean really?!

nice one fella

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Not wrong at all. In fact, I'd say it's pretty sly of you. Morality is highly overrated, it's really more of a handicap than anything else.

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Sorry mate, that was very wrong.

Won't the original owner of the game get charged by EB now?!

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Oh, get off your high horse. You'd do it if you had the opportunity, and you know it.

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Yeah, without a doubt that's morally wrong. You made someone else pay for your misfortune. You willingly hurt another to avoid any pain yourself.


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Are you kidding? You've got to be kidding? Nope, you're not kidding.


Badknux wrote:

Not wrong at all. In fact, I'd say it's pretty sly of you. Morality is highly overrated, it's really more of a handicap than anything else.

Dude, he stole the game. It is way wrong.

The Game.

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I say return the cat, it is obviously defective and evil. A good cat would never have caused you to commit such an atrocious crime.



Isn't it also morally wrong that GameStop sells opened copies of their games as "new"? I only buy sealed copies myself but I know for a fact that the store I shop at allows employees to check out new games and still sells the game as if it was brand new. I was going to buy a new game there once but it was the last gutted copy and it was horribly scratched with fingerprints all over the disk. I'm not saying what the OP did is right but what GameStop does is not very moral in my opinion either.



how are they supposed to trace the game back to the original owner anyway. especially if they have multiple copies of the game.
besides. if it had been the only copy that had been traded in for the past 6 months, and it being the only copy of that game, then maybe it could be done,
seriously though, i doubt very much they would contact the original owner anyway. it`s more hassle and time consuming than it`s really worth.
they`ll only sell the game to some unsuspecting parent or kid. as i`m sure it`s standard buisness practice. because i`ve nearly fallen victim to a scratched copy of a game on various occasions. i alwways make a habbit of checking games before i leave the shop.

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