Topic: Is Nintendo phasing out physical rewards?

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As time passes, it seems more of the physical Club Nintendo rewards are being sold out and not replenished. I think they may move to digital only rewards. I mostly use my coins for games now but this would still be a disappointment. From a business stand point I'm sure it's a money saver...


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I suspect they might, but they really need to have some exclusive rewards as incentives is the problem.

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tsm7 wrote:

From a business stand point I'm sure it's a money saver...

Oh, most definitely. With a digital reward you only need to worry about maintaing a server to distribute said reward, and manufacturing and shipping demands disappear, drastically reducing costs. This isn't just limited to Club Nintendo; check out any Nintendo game's instruction manual from this generation compared to last's; the latter are significantly thicker, and their modern, thinner size now probably goes a long way in reducing the bottom line. Anyway, I hope Nintendo keeps up physical rewards, or at least expands the depth of their digital rewards, like offering Coins for eShop credit instead of overpriced (in terms of dollars worth of Coins to rewards prices in Coins) games many of us already bought long ago.

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Manuals going digital doesn't bother me at all. It's much more convenient. If you look at the rewards now, I think they are definitely just getting rid of remaining stock. Most things are gone. I hope they still offer a decent physical reward as the Gold/Platinum rewards. I was hugely disappointed last year. Especially, since the digital rewards were identical for Gold and Platinum. Platinum should recieve two of the selected games and Gold one.


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