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Or is more time spent talking or reading about video games on forums and sites than actually playing them lol. I find myself here more often than playing games. Ill be on the computer for maybe 4 hours a day (on here, itunes, youtube) and only play games for like 1 or 2 hours a day lol Do any of you guys feel this way too?

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No. I play first, post in forums later.

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Well I dont come here necessarily to talk about videogames, but also to see the interesting off topic conversations that occur from such a nice community. And I keep referencing my thread, I just cant stop!



Yes, I sometimes do spend more time online reading about video games than I do playing them. It's a habit I just can't seem to break. All the info I read comes in handy at work, though, so it's not a TOTAL loss. Then again, hands-on experience with the games would be useful there, too.

I do agree wtih GabeGreens to a point as well. A good chunk of the time I spend on NLife has very little to do with video games.

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Just finished a few hours with Resident Evil 4 (pretty good game for this first-timer!), but I was here before that, and before that I played some Overturn, and the best goes on. So it's like the chicken and the egg for which comes first, only with gaming and posting instead. I'm on the computer every day though - can't say the same about the Wii.

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i play then quit stay on NL for a few hours sometimes then go back and play then do it over again ^^!i LOVE NL!

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I go to NL go onto the forums and play games while I'm looking at the latest news and new topics.Perfect setup. I'm even playing a nice relaxing game of KUbOS at the moment.

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yeah i do it to.. in fact I've been playing less and less

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Yes! I definitely spend much more time reading about, discussing or researching about games on the internet than actually playing them. It's much easier to just hop onto the computer than to go all the way downstairs and set up everything etc.


I play first, then post in forums... some days i read the forums a bit then play a lot, then return later... so I don't find that true in my case.

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