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Is there any other goal in life besides being happy? That one emotion?
When you for example say that your goal is to have a good job that earns you a lot of money, the reason you want money is to buy material things and services. What do the material things and services do to you? They make you happy.
Do you agree that no matter what goal in life you have, the core goal is to just be happy? All of the other "goals" are just semi-goals between you and happiness?



Now that I think about it. It makes sense. No matter what way of life you have, you do all that to make you happy. Some people help poor people. When they know they did something good it makes them happy. Other people risk their life to help people or risk their life by doing extreme sports. But in the end they all do it to be happy...

So actually I think hapiness is the goal in life.

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My goal in life is to beat Popyman in Brawl. I don't think I'd call it happiness though. It's another emotion all of its own.

Happiness is such a loose word. If you consider it to mean "the satisfaction of having met your goals," the question is entirely pointless. But if you refer to a specific feeling, such as the happiness of seeing children growing up, the happiness of taking some time to yourself outside, or the happiness of throwing rupees in that pond in Link to the Past (what kind of message were they trying to send there, seriously?), they are all distinct emotions that are just lumped together because they are generally positive.

Your goals are your goals, and happiness is generally the result of reaching goals, not necessarily the goal itself, depending on your perspective.

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It sure kicks the crap out of living for misery.

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If I fill my days with the people and the things that I enjoy, then day by day i shall remain happy. How am I gonna feel about it all on my deathbed? I don't know yet.

Just being alive makes me happy.

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Cowboy is correct here. He's a straight shooter.

As he noted, you could say that every action is taken to achieve happiness, but then your definition of the word becomes so meaninglessly vague that you end with nothing much more than a tautology.

There's also the more complex dimension of cultivating one's pleasure, which was laid in much greater detail by Aristotle than by anyone since, but to summarize: the pleasure we take in activities is not fixed, but is instead the result of our history of habits, so that each action you take can bend your enjoyment in one direction or another. Take the simple example of eating: If you get into the habit of eating too fast, perhaps from rushing during your lunch break at work, you will slowly become bound to that experience in such a way that you can only enjoy eating quickly and will feel anxious if you try to slow down, likely leading to overeating as well. If, however, you force yourself at first to slowly eat and enjoy your food in a more measured and careful manner, you'll begin to enjoy that rhythm and will soon no longer need to force yourself to slow down, because your pleasure will be habitually bound to the slower pacing. The general consequence that we are in large part responsible for our very pleasure and enjoyment by cultivating good habits, rather than being passively bound by them and needing some moral strength to oppose our pleasure-seeking (Aristotle would call any need for your moral self to pull you back from a negative action that your pleasure is seeking a problem of not having properly aligned your pleasure with your ethical being--ie., he certainly ain't a Kantian, nor that brand of Christian who would oppose our strong moral will to our "base" pleasures).

So, that's to say that pleasure, enjoyment, and happiness are certainly involved in every action we take, but that doesn't mean that we're simply bound to our self-interest, chained passively to our pleasure-seeking, or anything of the sort. It's a much more complex and evolving process.

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This is the only true goal in life.

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ive been thinking about this forever and i think i finally came to a conclusion

There IS no point to life! all you do is wiped out when you die, all that humans do is wiped out when we all die. so i decided to have fun while i can since nothing i do will make a difference in the world
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Find things that make you happy family friends video games whatever floats your boat but just enjoy every single second of it cause you won't get a 2nd chance just like with me i'm actually happy to say i think i've found someone to maybe be my "special someone" & The Thing that scares me is i never knew what it meant to be real loved that much of course other then parents but this is much different i hope it never ends

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Yeah, to achieve happiness is the ultimate goal in life. Some think you become happy by having a good job and loving friends and family, others think you'll find hapiness if you blow yourself up to die in God's name. The differences are vast, but everything we do is ultimately meant to get closer towards happiness, wether it's on earth or in the afterlife, wether it works or not.

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my goal is to steal all of link's rupees in every legend of zelda game.

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