Topic: Is Email Old School?

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All you betamax owning, SDTV watching, flares wearing, summer-of-lovin, will-man-ever-walk-on-the-mooning, dinosaurs, don't Twitter?

You want to light some more candles, get your horse from the stable, and send a telegram to the 21st century, ma fizzles.

Abraham Lincoln sent the Gettysburg Address via email.

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Adam met Eve on Bebo, they both had Apple Mac's (Oh yes I did)

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'On the 7th day God checked his Hotmail because he'd been busy all week and wanted to catch up, and he saw that he had some spam from a Nigerian phishing scam, pretending to be, and he saw that it was bad'

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Ramandus wrote:

Panda wrote:

Ramandus wrote:

Email is old school just because nobody has Blackberries.

I see smart phones all over the place, way more than I see regular cell phones.

I hope you're not talking about iPhones.

I'm counting any phone that has a built-in email client, so yes, iPhones are included. I don't know if you're just objecting to them being labeled "smart phones," and I don't really care either way, but if you think people don't use iPhones for email then you're pretty much wrong.

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