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Hello NL members, I'm 16 and hope to get into game development. I was wonder what engrosses a player? Why do we game? What do the fans want from a game? So I composed a series of questions, feel free to answer any questions you want and skip any that you don't get or don't want to answer! Thanks!

1. What is your favorite video game? What genre is it?
2. What is your favorite genre of gaming?
3. How about least favorite genre?
4. Are you a completionist?
5. What are your views on nostalgia?
6. Does a game have to have a good soundtrack to be playable?
7. Do you like level editors?
8. What game has the best level editor?
9. What makes a good level editor?
10. What game or franciese should have a level editor?
11. Do you emulate games?
12. What game has the best art style?
13. What is the most undderated game ever?
14. Who is your favorite Nintendo hero?
15. Who is your favorite SEGA hero?
16. Who is your favorite gaming hero of all time?
17. Does a game need characters to develop to engross you?
18. What game has the best soundtrack?
19. What is your least favorite game? Why?
20. Should all games be long?
21. What do you like about video games?
22. What else should I know if I'm going to be a game dev?

Thanks guys!

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1. Donkey Kong Country Returns
2. 2D Platformer.
3. Tower Defense.
4. Not too much, but it really depends how difficult these challenges are.
5. Its great. But the nostalgia of 8/16-bit titles has worn off on me.
6. It doesn't, but having a great, welcoming soundtrack enhances gameplay for me.
7. No. It makes all the levels lackluster. And some level editors would be better left out (Brawl).
8. I don't play too many games with level editors. But I'm going to say Little Big Planet 2.
9. Putting everything the developers had, and having great tutorials, and tips for level editing. I guess if its similar to what Warioware DIY did, its good.
10. I don't like level editors, but the one that could implement it the most is probably New Super Mario Bros. because the recent games feel like a bunch of people were toying around with this level editor. Also who doesn't want to recreate Super Mario Bros. 3 in a modern level editor?
11. It depends whos emulating. If we're talking about the emulations that don't give homage and profit to the original developers, than no. If we're talking about Virtual Console, then sometimes.
12. Great question. I'll give it to Kirby's Epic Yarn.
13. Probably 999.
14. I'll go with Pit, and Professor Layton.
15. I don't have one.
16. Pit, and Professor Layton
17. Yep
18. Epic Mickey had a great soundtrack.
19. Zombie Slayer Diox, because its ugly, gameplay is bad, and it sounds awful.
20. No. If you offer a great experiance with a short amount of content, it can be great. Sonic Colors/Generations, and Mutant Mudds are great examples. A short game must also have a reason for you to come back.
21. You're in a complete and new enviornment each time, and the more they're like a storybook, the better they are, because they won't take themselves seriously.
22. Don't put yourself only in one genre. Try to do plenty of genres.

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1. Kid Icarus: Uprising. It's a third-person shooter.
2. I don't really know, but I can list a few of my favorites. Platformers, Action/Adventure, and RPG I like.
3. First-person Shooter.
4. I try to be.
5. Like it.
6. Playable? No. Much wanted? Yes.
7. Not really.
8. Dunno.
9. It not being there.
10. None of them....?
11. If it's legal and supports the original developer, yes.
12. Hmmm... I'm going to say... it's a toss up between NightSky, Super Mario Galaxy, and The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword.
13. Kid Icarus: Uprising
14. Pit or Link
15. Sonic
16. Pit or Link
17. I guess, maybe. NightSky is a great game without characters, Kid Icarus: Uprising is a great game with characters, it just depends.
18. Kid Icarus: Uprising or Fire Emblem: Awakening
19. Rayman 3D. It was just bad.
20. Depends on the game, genre, concept, etc.
21. They take me into the amazing and imaginary worlds of my mind. They also take my mind off my problems.
22. Don't give up. Oh, and don't copy anything.

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1. Uncharted series. third-person shooter.
2. I don't have one. mostly whatever is good.
3. Sports
4. Most of the time no.
5. Try to enjoy games with expectations of that time. But don't let cloud your view of whats the bes.
6. No, but it's defintely a good idea and can help a games espcially if you want a good story.
7. Yes, they are always a good option.
14. Maybe Link.
16. Hmm, I'm not really sure about that. Maybe Nathan Drake.
17. No, but it really can make a game better regardless of genre.
20. A game doesn't need to be long to be good, but it makes virually all games a better game to be have it about 9-10 at the minimum if it's not just starting to do pointless filler to fulfill this.

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I'll help a man out:
1. This is a hard question for anyone to answer. As of right now i'd say Super Mario Galaxy, a 3D platformer.
2. Platformers by far.
3. I know i'm in the minority, but Shooters, whether they be First or Third person, just don't interest me.
4. To a certain extent. I don't try to 100% every game I own, but if I know I can do it i'll usually try.
5. I think nostalgia can really change your views on games. I think it's fine to be nostalgic as long as it doesn't cloud your sense of rationality.
6. It doesn't have to have a great soundtrack, but it definitely helps the overall experience and immersion.
7. I don't care for designing my own levels, but I will play levels others have made.
8. I don't play too many games with level editors so i'll just say Trackmania United.
9. Something that gives you all the options to be as creative as you want.
10. I don't know, Mario?
11. Not to seriously play them. I have tried out a few games because they weren't on the Virtual Console, but I don't play emulators on a regular basis.
12. Another very tough question. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker really stands out to me though.
13. I'm not going to put any large developer's game here so i'll just go with Solatorobo: Red the Hunter.
14. That's a tough battle between Link and Samus. Link is more iconic, but Samus is pretty awesome.
15. Sonic the Hedgehog.
16. These questions just keep getting harder. Probably Mega Man/ Zero.
17. Only if you care about the plot of the game to begin with. In a game like Mega Man or Mario the story doesn't matter in the first place, but in something like Fire Emblem, character development is what makes you feel attached to the characters.
18. You're killing me here. I love all the Mega Man soundtracks, but Super Mario Galaxy has a fantastic score as well.
19. Minecraft. It barely qualifies as a game to me. There isn't a real objective or way to beat the game, it's just a virtual LEGO builder and yet people love it.
20. Definitely not. Sometimes I don't want to devote 20 or 30 hours to beat a game, sometimes I just want to be able to blast through a game in an afternoon.
21. They're fun. Going deeper than that, they give us worlds and characters but also let us be a pert of them and create our own experiences and everyone will have a different experience.
22. I'm not sure what to say on this one.

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1. The third-gen Pokemon games. Turn-based RPG.
2. ...Turn-based RPGs
3. First-person shooters. Puzzle games would go here, but some have good plots like Layton to help them.
4. Depends. If it's a series I'm devoted to (Or am becoming devoted to, for that matter), I will indeed. But if it's mediocre and I have better things to do, I may beat it and leave to play something else.
5. Best created with amazing music, for me it's what keeps me coming back for more playthroughs.
6. Not necessarily, but as I say above, it may not be a game you want to go back and play.
7. Don't really care for making them myself, but it's cool to see others' work- in which QR codes are also cool.
8. Super Smash Bros Brawl- although limited, you can make some really fun stages for local play.
9. ...Don't really know what makes it "good." Lots of options are good, but multiplayer on them can make it great.
10. Not really sure. You don't really ever think "This game would be much better with a level editor."
11. No real opinion. I'm not 100% sure about what makes it illegal/legal, so I can't say much other than that it shouldn't break the law
12. GBA Pokemon games <333
13. Kid Icarus: Uprising or Pokemon Colosseum.
14. ...Is it okay to say to the trainer from Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness? Professor Layton is really cool, too.
15. Not much of a SEGA guy.
16. See number 15. Nintendo fanboy.
17. No.
18. Pokemon. The Mystery Dungeon games had great soundtracks, especially.
19. Bugs'n'Balls. 'Nuff said.
20. No, but post game is much appreciated.
21. Lots of things to explore.
22. Be original and light a spark.

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