Topic: Internet Explorer or Firefox?

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I'm pretty sure this is the third or fourth time this war has unfolded on NL, but hey, for old times sake....

I love Firefox and SRWare Iron. Internet Exploder/Exploiter is very baad mmkay. Let battle commence.



Firefox. Why? because you can get Ad Blocker Plus and thousands of other useful toolbar programs (not to mention the thousands of NON-useful toolbar programs! XD).

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Agreed. ColorfulTabs ftw! And have you tried out Gestures, super lazy mode!

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actually.... i do like my crome... but i'm not even entirely sure i know what "ftw" stands for..... if it offended anybody, then i blame it on the gnomes.

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I'm still waiting for the results of Luigi's experiment from threads past.

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Anything except Internet Explorer. Use FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. I don't care. But DO NOT use Internet Explorer. It is a plague that is holding technology back. Its technology is from 1998, and it shows. Try any other browser for a period of time and you'll find what you've been missing.



FireFox. I hate Internet Explorer. FF is always faster on my PC.

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Firefox with ABP, IE-tab, Foxy-proxy and McAfee Site Advisor.



Internet Explorer.

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I use Google Chrome when visiting my favorite sites that I know are safe that I visit everyday for some reason on my computer sites load fastest with Chrome. I also use Firefox when I do Internet searches which is about 25% of the time since I can then use Site Advisor. They are both good browsers that are much better than Internet Explorer in my honest opinion. I have not used Internet Explorer in probably 6 years since Firefox loads a lot faster and Chrome loads even faster for me.

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FireFox. The only reason I use Explorer is when I play BTBH.


I like my browsers to be W3C standards compliant.
Hence, Firefox.

Also, Firebug, FoxyTunes, Smooth Scroller, Clear Cache button, Multirow bookmarks, themes.



Why do topic creators always have such awful english usage skills? It's like a prereq to create a topic or something...

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redflicky wrote:

Which is the most better site?

i screw both "sites" because chrome is most better

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Firefox is the best.
Why? It has add-ons that make it perfect.
Examples - WOT and Download Manager.



Adam016 wrote:

Firefox is the best.
Why? It has add-ons that make it perfect.
Examples - WOT and Download Manager.

What is WOT?


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