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I got T-boned by a Semi truck going 55 miles per hour. There were two cars in front of me, two cars behind me, and several cars on both sides, yet I was the only car hit. It was foggy at a major intersection.

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Yeah, guitars are cool.

My musical project Comet Tail made a couple of recordings.


I actually get really nervous and scared easily, even though I might be acting cool and calm secretly 90% of the time I'm freaking out over something but I try my hardest not to show it! I also like cooking a lot :3 both my parents are chiefs and taught me a lot :3 I'm best at Italian dishes though I'm trying to improve on more Spanish food and Chinese as well :3

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I might come across as the shy and easily scared type, but I actually love horror movies. I only got into them recently but I really really liked The Conjuring and Insidious.

My SD Card with the game on it is just as physical as your cartridge with the game on it.
I love Nintendo, that's why I criticize them so harshly.

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Sometimes, I get this feeling—when I'm making a post—that it won't go down well. Each time I have that feeling about a post, it doesn't go down well.

... And yet somehow I never let it stop me. I'm a dummy. XD

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@Mickey I've always felt that way when it comes to posting my opinion... pretty much anywhere.

Its likely due to all the scum that grace the interwebz.



My second cousin had a Billboard #1 hit and won a Grammy award for best rock song, I unknowingly turned down a chance to hang out with Robert Plant for a weekend back around 1992, I helped a film crew from the tv show 60 Minutes conduct a stake out to ambush interview an accused murderer, I've hiked in the jungles of Indonesia with ex-terrorists/freedom fighters, and I have fired a wide array of automatic weapons while under the influence.



TheKingOfTown wrote:

I have Asperger's Syndrome. (Being completely serious this time.)

Welcome to the "I have Asperger's syndrome" club

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I love Bulldogs. They're adorable, and more affectionate than any other dog breed I've seen.
I currently have 2 bulldogs living in my household.
Penelope (Currently 4 Months Old)
Mr. Magoo (Later nicknamed and preferred "Gooby") Almost 1 year old.

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@kyloctopus Those are some adorable bull dogs you have there especially the 4 month old one.

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I'm into Super Mario 64 Machinima, like a lot. I find them quite funny and entertaining.

Momoko Hanasaki is such a cutie!

Yes, I'm a guy who likes magical girl anime... there I said it.

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