Topic: I'm writing a CGI Mario movie for Disney

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Sensei_PikPik wrote:

No, the impressions themselves would be considered offensive.

How would they be offensive?



You know what? I give up. Have fun writing your movie.
/me vomits on the script and abandons the threaf

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The only dark parts are in the beginning, somewhere in the middle of the first act, the end of the second act, and the climax, I didn't add that many scary moments, although some of these moments will make you cry than scare you



all right, everyone bored with the thread already? :3

@Bronies4ever: I'm sure going back through this thread you'll have enough ideas to help you with your project. I'm going to lock the thread in order to preserve them for all time. Good luck to you, and we look forward to seeing your work on the big screen someday! :3

future of NL >:3
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