Topic: I'm trapped in my own house!

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Time's a ticking

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That snowfall ain't even that bad. We've had snow like that a bunch of times..

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Carnaval and very sun here!



You must live in Maine like me! My dog, in order to go to the bathroom, ran back and forth, back and forth until there was a crater in the snow for him to go. It was hilarious.

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...So this isn't a thread about Homestuck? Well...alright.

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Dat dog.

Snowed a bit in England last night,but thankfully it wasn't that bad.

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There's been 4 snowfalls like this as long as I've lived in my area. I still went outside to go play. It's better than being trapped outside your house, that's for sure. I agree, with everyone else, that first picture is great.


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...Thinking "the storm won't be THAT bad", my Mom convinced me to go up and plow some CVS's during the storm in order to make some money.


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And yet we get no snow in my part of the US

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We didn't get much at all here. I love snow and would love to see that outside my house considering I don't have any pets who need to get outside.

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I love seeing stories like this and then turning on the UK news. "WE'RE ALL DOOMED TO FROSTY APOCALYPSE!!!" **one to two inches**

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Raylax wrote:

I love seeing stories like this and then turning on the UK news. "WE'RE ALL DOOMED TO FROSTY APOCALYPSE!!!" **one to two inches**

Took the words out of my mouth.

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