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Throughout my life, I've never been able to "Evaluate" myself; I can understand characters and other people, but I could never quite figure out why I do specific things and why I like/dislike certain aspects of something. I say this upfront because what I'm going to infer is not 100% right or does not express my feelings in adequate ways.

I'm leaving Nintendolife. While I don't plan for this to be permanent, it may just end up being permanent. Now, this isn't because of the articles or because of the features; they are all fine. The thing that has me leaving NL is the community.

I always feel disheartened whenever I go onto a thread on this website. I'm not entirely sure why, but I do have a few guesses as to why I feel the way I do;

The community feels two-sided. No matter what argument their is, it always seems to end up being two-sided. I see people joining one of the sides and never really seeing the middle-ground that exists.

I believe some users are so confident in their thoughts that they see other thoughts as insignificant. I feel as thought some member of NL are completely set on their ideas and beliefs, so much that they are starting to view different thoughts as wrong. While I don't mind people being confident in what they think, attacking other people for thinking different things just feels wrong to me and depresses me.

Some members do not care about being kind anymore. I'm seeing that some members (specifically AlexSays) are just outright insulting individuals and the community of this website. While I'm fine with criticizing individuals and retorting to posts that challenge beliefs, I don't feel comfortable around people who are actively just insulting everybody.

I feel all of those reasons add up to one specific point that I'm trying to express; The community here is not nice anymore. I don't think I can say anything more to elaborate my thoughts.

It was good while it lasted.

V8 Ninja

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lol I love how I'm the only one mentioned.

Well bye then. And there is a thread for this, y'know..

Cipher wrote:

You just described almost every single message board the internet has ever known.

You mean on other sites, their debates have TWO sides as well? SHOW ME WHERE! lol

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@AlexSays hohoho he put you in the bad list
anyways,see ya kiddo best of luck

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Best ofluck buddy. Hope to see you back soon.

I do agreethat some places (mostlythe wii u forum)havebeenamagnet fotwhat yourtalkingabout.


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Yeah, you just gotta make sure you talk with the nice ones only, Zack, WiiWareWave, and many of the others that post in the comment above threads are usually good people, but yes I agree some members are just plain trolling and I hate it, why can't it be like summer of 2010

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Well good luck on your decision. I inderstand though some people here are the worst but they're not anything that can't be dealt with, wish you luck and I'm pretty sure you're always welcomed back if you so choose to return. Also well conversations on a Nintendo site=Nintendo fanboys, you want less biased opinions try a gaming site for all systems.

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We're sorry to see you go, V8_Ninja, and we'll all be here if you choose to return someday. :3

If anyone else would like to flounce, please feel free to use the appropriate thread. Thank you!

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future of NL >:3
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