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" problem is that it's dictating where the industry is going and that's not good. That's like saying, and this has obviously happened, that since TransFormers 1 makes like billion dollars at the box office now instead of somebody making say something along the lines of Shawshank Redemption they'll make TF 2".

This was said during the 09/03/2009 IGN Podcast Beyond podcast which is their PS3 podcast regarding the Wii's impact on the marketplace. Now, I've never had a problem with IGN or their opinions, whatever, but I do have an issue when so-called journalist makes such uninformed, and uneducated statements and this is from so-called journalists within the industry!

Now, is Wii targeted at the casual audience? Of course, we all know this is true, but has ONE Wii game prevented a Bioshock, No More Heroes, Fable 2, Batman Arkham, Fallout 3, Infamous etc. from coming out? No! In fact, most of the best games we've ever seen are coming out this generation but if you just listened to their stupid statement, you'd think that none of that was coming out because ALL production houses have quit making the great games and just release casual games which is so far from the truth, it's not even funny. Is this true for the Wii? For the most part yes, but the other two systems? Are you kidding me?

BTW, I want one of them on the podcast to point which great movie was prevented because of Transformers 1 making a billion dollars. I mean, we recently have seen a large sum of highly praised movies get released in a short amount of time (since release of TF 1) and the fact they say that like it's just started because of TF 1 blows my mind. The blockbuster has been around for decades, and I got news for you if you're completely uninformed, those blockbusters afford studios to take chances. Without blockbusters, we never, EVER see the critically acclaimed movies that take risks in production and are always hit or miss and rarely, if ever, make money for a studio...same goes for gaming.



I think the bigger problem with that statement is that it (and it seems even you) misses the point entirely. If anything the Transformer movies are more like Halo than anything on the Wii. Transformers movies (Halo) cost a heap to make and they have one particular audience in mind who all go to see it. On the other hand something like District 9 (No More Heroes) only costs a fraction of that and while it might not sell bundles it makes a tidy return.

I agree that the Wii changes the landscape from what it might have been without it or if Nintendo went the "hardcore" road. I don't think that's a bad thing but because it means more "District 9" and "Shawshank Redemption" and less "Transformers". And yes the Wii has a heap of shovelware but so did every other console that got #1 including the last two Playstations.

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I have pubically stated before I'm a Wii fanboy and don't care. This time though, I do somewhat agree with their statement. It is a very valid argument. Though, Wii is more like Shawshank redemption and the HD consoles are the other, lol.

Look at what Microsoft is doing with things like Avatars and Natal. You could say all that stuff is casual.

On the other hand, you could say Nintendo is going after hardcore with games like Sin & Punishment and the new Metroid. So it all balances out.

Big budget action flick vs. award winning drama. I hate the casual/hardcore stereotypes anyway. Makes us sound nerdier than we already are. In the end though, the developers are going to make what works and simpler, cheaper games like the ones found on Wii are awefully tempting for those with $$$ in their eyes.

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The core point is theoretically valid, but the movie industry operates differently than the game industry -- although that unfortunately is becoming less and less true as comapnies and studios realize the money games generate. It's not like Bungie is going to be like, "Well, i wish we could make something innovative, stylistic and original but we have to do another Halo". They make Halo games, they love making Halo games. Much in the same way that a "casual game" (hate that term) oriented developer isn't going to be forced to make some generic FPS if that's what's hot right then.

Now, of course with the nature of publishers these days becoming more and more centralized under big comapnies (like EA), we're getting into a closer analogy with the movie studios. Will EA be willing to fund a smaller, original project instead of a generic "big budget" game? You'd think no, but since EA is getting in hella-money from the big budget game, they're more likely to fund a smaller project that has the potential to be innovative because it won't hurt them in the long run when they have a nice profit margin already.

Now, at the end of the day, the IGN statement is a bit myopic, but ultimately a potentially valid concern. However, until i actually see it happening -- though one could argue that Activision's recent "we don't want games we can't regulalrly sequelize" is similar -- i'll chalk it up to unwarranted reaction to the whole "hardcore vs casual" crap.

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Nintendo once gave an analogy compairing games with movies while the Wii was in development. They said "games are like big blockbuster action flicks. That's fine, but what if you wanted to see another type of movie?" I completely agreed with that statement. I never understood what was wrong with having a diverse lineup of games. Why can't everyone be allowed to enjoy games?

Me, I like shooters and action games, even the occasional epic RPG, but I also enjoy titles like Wii Sports, Order Up, and Boom Blox. The industry will stagnate and potentially become somewhat of a train-wreck without innovation, creative ambition and most importantly, a huge variety of game choices.

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The problem is WIi Sports and Wii FIt are more original and successful videogames than Bioshock and GTA and that puts IGN undies in a bunch.

Why are they compariing their crappy videogame novelas to the Shawshank Redemption anyway?

Why not just bitch about Transformers the movie inspiring Transformers the game?

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Licensed tracks and bands for Guitar Hero and Rockband, Exclusive livcense for John Madden Again, Summer BLLOCKBUSTER Movie Knockoffs, Kung FU Panda color me generic platformers, UFC, WWE-F-OFF, Tiger Woods Tee'd Off, NASCART, you nake it! Ask your self why so much movie and enetertainment money is invested in gaming? Why so many failed movie directors directing games? Why the d-list actor parasites providing voice work for dreck storuies? Nintendo does not need them to thrive!

Hey! Nintendo is the #! CREATOR of HIT Original GAMING PROPERTIES! THEY ARE GAMING, They invented game licensing (which only created a sustainable home console game industry!), are behind almost all of the major advancements to game controllers over the years, and are the number one solver of video game problems, from 3-d cameras to 1 to 1 sword fighting, Nintendo is first in line! They have the balls to go alone and move the industry foward.

Who would the gaming industry miss more if they were to disapear off of the face of the earth? Nintendo or IGN?

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