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The videos below showcase IGN's OPINION of what consoles make up the best 5 consoles to ever exist to this date. For those who don't wish to watch the vids, ill post the top 5 list UNDER the videos.

Number 5-2
Number 1

5. Sega Genesis
4. Super Nintendo
3. PS2
2. Atari 2600
1. NES

A nintendo console takes crown. For me i thought number one was the nes, snes, or ps2

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SNES should've been two, but whatever. NES rules!



I personally don't think Atari 2600 deserved 2nd plae let alone 360 getting 6th and the other nintendo and Sony consoles getting so low. IGN doesn't know whats up.

Now NES getting #1 is compelling offer IGN could have ever done.

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W00t Nintendo's the best! :3

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Shoud've been

5. atari 2600
4. NEs
3. Sega Genesis
2. PS2

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Chobot, yuk! IGN's opinion, yuk!



The fact that the 360 even figures in the Top 10 is a joke. Top 25? Sure, it should be there... but not the Top 10. Ick. NES taking the #1 spot was pretty much a given.



Ps2 better get off that list >:[

Stupid IGN.

The Game.

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I hope you guys know that top lists are always meant to only reflect the taste of the one who makes it, they are never meant as absolute truths. While it may be a good read sometimes, I've learned long ago not to take them seriously.

@RandomWiiPlayer great display of what I mean, imo PS2 should always be in a top 5 list.

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No offense, but I dont find the PS2 to be that good. I mean, its not bad, but I feel it is a little overrated. Plus, it has the worse videogame controler I have ever used, ugh I hate it! At least the Xbox 360 controler is better. Just an opinion. I also think the SNES and Wii are underrated, Atari 2600 overrated (it freakin crashed the video game market!) The ne shouldve been 2nd, and the N64 WAY underrated.
Wait, the Odysey is on the list!?!? So yeah, it was the firt video game console, but that doesnt keep it from being a bad one! I mean Ping Pong is just bad... But then again, its just an opinion...



Jockolantern wrote:

The fact that the 360 even figures in the Top 10 is a joke. Top 25? Sure, it should be there... but not the Top 10. Ick. NES taking the #1 spot was pretty much a given.

100% agree.I kind of said the same think on the other thread

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