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Yes I know this is for an entirely different site, but I thought since it was a win for Nintendo it should be somewhere on the forums. To keep it focused I will only post Nintendo, and Platform wins.

Game of the Year: Breath of the Wild; Runner up Mario Odyssey
Player choice game of the year: Breath of the Wild
PC GOTY: PUBG; Runner up Divinity Original Sin 2; Player choice Doki Doki Literature Club
XBOX ONE GOTY: Cuphead; Runner up Wolfenstein 2; Player choice Cuphead
PS4 GOTY: Horizon Zero Dawn; Runner up Persona 5; Player choice Horizon Zero Dawn
SWITCH GOTY: Breath of the Wild; Runner up Mario Odyssey; Player choice Breath of the Wild
3DS GOTY: Samus Returns; Runner up Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon; Player choice Samus Returns
MOBILE GOTY: Monument Valley 2; Runner up Fire Emblem Heroes; Player choice Fire Emblem Heroes
Best Action-Adventure: Zelda Breath of the Wild; Runner up Horizon Zero Dawn; Player choice BOTW
Best Platformer: Mario Odyssey; Runner up Cuphead; Player choice Mario Odyssey
Best Puzzle Game: Snipperclips; Runner up Monument Valley 2; Player choice Snipperclips
Best Strategy Game: Mario Rabbids; Runner up Total: War Warhammer 2; Player choice Mario Rabbids

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