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CanisWolfred wrote:

triforcepower73 wrote:

CanisWolfred wrote:

triforcepower73 wrote:

they are only 600 mi away from where I live now.

...was that a typo?

No. Retro Studios is in Austin, Texas which is only 600 miles away from where I live.

Okay. I thought 600 miles was a really long ways away, but I guess that's just one man's opinion...

Well compared to Japan that's not very far. Only about a 12 hr drive. And I was implying that I would move to Austin.

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Gioku wrote:

Sleepingmudkip wrote:

Gioku wrote:

v I'm already making my own!

Good for you i hope you become the biggest companys in the world 0.o

Well, I dunno about that... So far, my company has spent no money, and made no money.

Well is that not how all companys start at one time even the great nintendo was a unknown toy/card maker

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@Gioku looks like I'll have a strong competition when I start my own company! maybe an indie collaboration could happen when I'm good enough?

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Nintendo (or any first party game developer) or at least, Level 5 :3



It would have been LucasArts at one time, but other than that - Ninty.

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