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CanisWolfred wrote:

triforcepower73 wrote:

CanisWolfred wrote:

triforcepower73 wrote:

they are only 600 mi away from where I live now.

...was that a typo?

No. Retro Studios is in Austin, Texas which is only 600 miles away from where I live.

Okay. I thought 600 miles was a really long ways away, but I guess that's just one man's opinion...

Well compared to Japan that's not very far. Only about a 12 hr drive. And I was implying that I would move to Austin.

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Gioku wrote:

Sleepingmudkip wrote:

Gioku wrote:

v I'm already making my own! :)

Good for you i hope you become the biggest companys in the world 0.o

Well, I dunno about that... So far, my company has spent no money, and made no money. :)

Well is that not how all companys start at one time even the great nintendo was a unknown toy/card maker

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@Sleepingmudkip: I guess I'm just too modest to say that I want to be the "biggest game company ever". I'd say I'd be happy if I ended up with at least a few fans. :)

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@Gioku looks like I'll have a strong competition when I start my own company! :p maybe an indie collaboration could happen when I'm good enough?

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Probably just Nintendo, or HAL...

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Nintendo (or any first party game developer) or at least, Level 5 :3


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It would have been LucasArts at one time, but other than that - Ninty.

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