Topic: If you owned a game character who would it be?

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Bulby wrote:

bezerker99 wrote:

This topic, I believe, is about owning the rights to a fictional video game character. How it got derailed to a topic about detesting slavery is beyond my comprehension. SMH.


No offense to the OP but they should have worded it better. I admit when I first read it I was thinking a physical character and slavery did pop into my mind. Not owning the rights. Perhaps a mod could change the title to If you owned the rights to a video game character or something along those lines.

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Um, only one? I guess it would be Felicia, so I can make a visual novel about her and her apparent family, and it'll cover her various careers (popstar, nun, etc.) in between beating bad guy booty, as she tries to make the world more accepting of Darkstalkers like her.

What I'd really want, though, is to have the whole Darkstalkers' cast. The I could comission some to do a school life manga based on the characters from the series. Now that'd be perfect. (I'll save my other idea for another thread, though)

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Luigi, and make more games revolved around him, and then people would call Mario the "Red Luigi"...

I realize how ridiculous I sound with this.

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I would own Lara Croft for reasons I cannot discuss.

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