Topic: If you could meet 5 fellow NL members in real life, who would you pick?

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For me, it'd be @3Dash (from what I remember we live in the same state), @Dev, @MickMick, @Retro_on_theGo, and @Emaan.

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I theory it would be cool if I could meet @Retro_on_theGo, @FonistofCruxis, @Magikarp, @RevolverLink, and @RR529. Especially at, like, a convention or something. I'd also include kkslider if I could (and could remember his whole username).

In reality, though, I'm pretty awkward socially, and I'm not very good at talking, so I'd probably be better off just talking to them here.

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For me it would be @Canis/mickeymac @retro @Berserker @Tech @Tasuki I would add more but it's a 5 person limit, these seem like good people and would have a very good talk with them.


CanisWolfred wrote:

In reality, though, I'm pretty awkward socially, and I'm not very good at talking, so I'd probably be better off just talking to them here.

This. I have a feeling that I wouldn't know what to say, making the potential situation very awkward..

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I'd probably hang out with:

But I'd rather see you all at the SonyLife convention.

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Philip_J_Reed wrote:

Raylax, The Shpydar, CowLaunch, SwerdMurd and...



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Zerks, Vaynard, irken, SMEXIZELDAMAN, and theblackdragon.


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Well this is a hard one indeed. Well I guess two spots would go to Retro on the Go and Undead Terror since I would be meeting them. The other three would have to be Waveboy, Ryno and CanisWolfred. And it would be a retro gamefest followed by a Anime/retro cartoon fest.

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I'm having the same problem I had with the "what's your favorite NL user" thread. The only way out of this is to be half-serious, half-joking.

@Jaz007 He seems like the guy I'd legit have the most fun with.

@Retro_on_theGo He kind of reminds me of me, except better.

@Hysterical He's my twin brother.

@FonistofCruxis He's a cool dude.

@CapnPancakes No reason, I just think he's pretty.

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