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StarBoy91 wrote:

You're not helping, Blue Prototype. Try to be a bit more optimistic and look at the lighter side of things.

I hope you realize that I was joking. <_<

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Had swine flu earlier this year, contracted it from my Dad. It was very mild in me, but my Dad had 4 nights in hospital with it.

So now I have some immunity to it.

Mocks swine flu virus

Rubs face on pig

Eats pork chop that's 32 years past it's eat by date


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Machu wrote:

Do American Football players spit on the pitch too?

Nah, that's more of a Baseball thing.

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the swine flu is a non-issue for me.

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Trin wrote:

Eats pork chop that's 32 years past it's eat by date


Gets food poisoning, because pigs from 32 years ago didn't have swine flu, but old rotten pork has e coli.

Have fun with that.

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