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My favorite Batman games are Batman Returns for SNES and Batman Forever: The Arcade Game for PS1. Though radically different just like their movie counterparts I like the beat-em'-up mechanics a lot. Sure, Batman doesn't have the stealth he's used to these days, but I think a modern sidescrolling Batman Beat-em'-up that reduces the redundancy and frustration of Batman Returns and balances better than Batman Forever The Arcade game, combined with a cool multi-button combat system, and some neat bosses would be loads of fun. Anyone else think so?



Yeah, that does sound cool. I wonder if Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate will be like that?

Oh, and have you tried out Batman: Brave and the Bold the Video Game? It's a side-scrolling co-op beat-em'-up and it's A LOT of fun! Plus, there are several cameos of other heroes from the show ranging from Huntress, Aquaman and even Guy Gardner!

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Yeah I agree with Brave and the Bold. If you havent played that one before than you are missing out on a good game.

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I'd like it too, just more refined. In Blackgate, Batman will just go side to side, but enemies can come from the back and foreground.

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Beat em-ups are nice, but they can never compare to the awesomeness of the open world Arkham games. Although, it would be nice to change up the flow a bit by using a different game genre.

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