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NotEnoughGolds wrote:

Ys Book I & II imo

LOL i love that avatar, dont know why...

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So Ys seems popular! Whats so great about it? I need to know if I want to purchase it or not!



What system are we talking? GC: Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, Tales of Symphonia, or Lord of the Rings The Third Age depending on your preference in style (strategy/RPG, action/RPG, and turn-based traditional). WiiWare: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Wii: (again) Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World, or Opoona (not played it, but keep hearing great things). VC: Ys or Phantasy Star. DS: Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III, or one of the Dragon Quest remakes.

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Suikoden 1 & 2 on the PSone, or Okami.



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