Topic: I Have Finally Decided To Make A Walkthrough,But What Do I Need To Make The Walkthrough?

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Ok,so I want to Make a Walkthrough,But what do I need?
I'm Not trying to make a Video Walkthrough,but at least a Walkthrough with Text and Screenshots of the Game to Help People complete the Game.
Thanks in Advance.

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Microsoft Word.

A game.


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GameFaqs' community Faqs (user walkthroughs), would be a good source for inspiration on how to layout your walkthrough.

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I've never actually been able to finish a proper walkthrough - what usually happens for me is that I get bored of scouring the game for information, and it stops being fun. I'll delay for a week or two until I feel like getting stuck into it again, except by that time the game isn't quite as popular anymore and a guide wouldn't be quite as useful. I'm sure it'll require some serious dedication to write a walkthrough for any RPG or something with a sufficiently long campaign, so I wish you the best of luck in this endeavor!

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Don't forget some good grammar and common sense.

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