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They have always been innovative at controller design IMO, but one problem I have always had with it is its D-pad, and the fact it only has 4 directions as opposed to 8 directions found on circular D-pads, I always found playing Street Fighter type games a pain to play on standard Nintendo controllers and wondered if anyone else felt the same way, or if you might prefer a cross style D-pad to a circular type, Personally I wish Nintendo would just make all their controllers come with a circular D-pad as standard, it would save me having to look for 3rd party controllers or the often expensive arcade sticks.



Well Nintendo has a patent for the "cross" D-Pad. They always used it on all their controllers and handhelds and I don't think that will change. At least not to soon. And I actually never had any problems with it.

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


I enjoy both really. Its the analog sticks that get me in fighter games. It rolls too far versus the cross shaped D-Pad, but really if they both get the job done I don't mind one bit which controller type it is.

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"I have always felt Nintendo generally make the best controllers"

Me too. They have innovated in every generation (apart from the GC perhaps), and I am a HUGE fan of the 8-way directional thingie on the analogue stick.



I thought Nintendo's patent had expired, but yeah, that's the reason no one else had "plus" d-pads back in the day. Personally I always found the NES/SNES d-pads uncomfortably sharp -- especially for Street Fighter and that plus the six button controller layout are why I preferred the Genesis version of SFII back in the day. The N64 controller I found generally hideous (and the console as well) so I cannot say I have much opinion about that. I do recall trying to play a game with the d-pad and finding it a bit awkward due to the massiveness of the controller -- the giant Colecovision controller is the only larger one I can think of and that at least had a proper joystick on it! The Gamecube d-pad was useless for anything but secondary functions -- the less said about that, the better.

The d-pad on the Wii Remote can wear on the thumb a bit if you're doing stuff like Bit.Trip CORE, but the one on the Classic Controller is quite excellent. In fact after using the Wii Remote and CC d-pads I find it quite difficult to transition back to the Playstation controller that I use with my Mac to play games via MAME. The CC is has the best d-pad I've ever used, it's a good size and quite easy on the thumb.

After years of disliking Nintendo controllers, it's nice to have a Nintendo system and really like them!

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