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if anybody doesnt know what the percy jackson series is, you should read those books now or ull have no idea what im talkin about.
The game i would make would b called Percy Jackson and the Olympians Chronicles, and it would put all 5 books of the series into rpg form. it would b developed by AlphaDream and the battle system would b like the one in the mario and luigi games, except u can swap out characters when necissary. But my big idea would b the bonus chapter, where Cackletta transports Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Juniper, Thalia, Nico, Tyson, and Clarisse to the Mario universe. Percy and Annabeth wake up in Peach's Castle, Grover and Tyson wake up in Gritzy Desert by the Koopaseum, Thalia wakes up in Shy Guy Beach in captivity by Hermie III, Nico wakes up in Popple's Lair and is brainwashed to become his new rookie, Clarisse wakes up in Rubble Ruins, and Juniper is behind a bush in Deep Dark Forest. Mario and Luigi rescue Thalia, and eventually everybody teams up to find the seven star spirits spread around the kingdom. But Fawful and Cackletta have teamed up with the Titans to stop this, and are trying to revive Kronos with all the star spirits. I have made the whole script for the game, and it is preety humorous and epic, especially the ending. Please comment to hear more!

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lol that would be ...weird. and clarrise should be brainwashed not nico. the author would have to give alpha dream the ok an i can't really see that happening he wouldn't want his book series butchered like that

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