Topic: I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

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Here's the story: I was at a baseball game yesterday, y'know, minding my business, watching the game, listening to my sister beg my parents for Dip'n'dots and a Large Mountain Dew, same old. When I happen to over hear a conversation going on behind me between a young kid and his father. Here it is.
Father: So your birthday is coming up, huh?
Son: Yeah, I'm turning 7 on Tuesday in 2 weeks!
Father: So what do you want?
Son: I want NINJA GAIDEN 3.
Father: What's that?
Son: You run around killing other ninjas with samurai swords and your lady friend!
Father: That sounds like fun. I think you'll get it.
How does a 6 year old know about Ninja Gaiden 3?
As in the title...

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I don't know. I don't find it weird at all..

I used to get knowledge about loads of gory & mature rated titles when I was around that age from friends that had older brothers/relatives etc. that played a lot of games.

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I've read more alarming things in the forums here.


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The internet sez hello.

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Internet is a great thing. Little kids watch torture porn and play K18 games. Yeah... the state of this planet sucks just as much as ever.



I hate parents as stupid as that... Unless he wants the epic NES game, which a kid could TOTALLY beat.

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I don't find it strange that a kid would ask for a game like that. What I do find disheartening is that a father would cater that sort of game to his kid who is only 7. Whatever happened to being responsible.

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The real tragdey is he's going to be playing crappy games at such an early age. Dad should hook ho with some bayonetta and he can play that till devil's third.


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you do realise that it's possible that once dad gets to the store and sees the packaging etc that he might not buy it. he might not be into gaming himself so he was just taking his son's word for what the game is. the kid may not know anything about the game other than killing zombies.

the 'stupid parents' meme is getting tiresome.

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Did he say Ninja GAYden or Ninja GUYden?



Hmmm how does a kid find out about things this day and age? I dont know maybe he has some kind of magical device that lets him connect to all kinds of information from across the world. Nah that cant be it thats only possible in a dream or makebelieve land.

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The real problem here is WHY DID YOUR SISTER NOT GET DIP N'DOTS!!!

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Retro_on_theGo wrote:

Oh. Phew. For a second there I thought something bad had happened.

Me too..



I saw 5-8 year olds buying MW3 more than once.

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I saw grown men watch My Little Pony more than once.



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