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Hello everybody. I know that I was annoying to some people and you probably hated it but do not worry. I am going to europe for a while and will not have internet. I can olny bring My dsi so I will have a bummer there. But a lot of stuff is cool there. C ya atleast until I return. Or maybe longer.

BTW I got rid of my xbox account and will probably never play the conduit again.

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Where are you going to and for how long?

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I am going to switzerland ( all around it), Paris, France Aachen, Germany, and Florence Italy.

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I am leaving tonight at 9:40 EST and will be coming back in 2 and a half weeks

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that sound so awesome. enjoy all the great food and scenery!

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Have fun. Aachen is a great City. Paris is nice, too but too many tourists Never was in Florence...

Probably getting a Vita with LBP soon...


It sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy it man! I look forward to seeing you on here again!



Man, how I miss Schweiß. I've got very good friends in Zurich that I really should visit sooner than later. Enjoy your trip, bro! Fly safe and all that.

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The Conduit is on Wii not x360?

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Have fun. You never made annoyed me.. i barely remember seeing you actually lol.

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BYE have fun sounds fun can i come too? lol jk waffles! don't forget to bring your waffles!

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