Topic: How often do you replay games you've already completed?

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Any 2D Mario game. The 3D Mario games seem to lack replay value... with Super Mario 64 being the exception of course.

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there are a few special cases - Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII, and Half Life 2 all seem to get played once every year or two... Aside from that, once through (and rarely to 100% completion / achievement progress / whatever you want to call it) is about all I make time for. For games like Uncharted, I tend to run through twice - the second time on whatever the highest difficulty is... But I have to really dig the game to do that, and they need to be pretty streamlined. My days of replaying RPGs (ones that aren't in the above list) are over, sadly

The Ys series games I tend to play a ton of times in a row... I've probably beaten Oath in Felghana a good 15 times by now

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Typically once, unless it's a remake like OOT 3D.

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Nibelilt wrote:

I probably replay games more than play new games... -_-

Is there a problem with this?

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if i relly liked it i may replay it as soon as i beat it, or if it was ok i just might just dump it the box and replay it in like a mouth.

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Depends on how much I love it or I feel if it's worth replaying or not. Until now, I only replayed the Megaman Battle Network series, Megaman Starforce series, Pokemon series, Kingdom Hearts series, Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap and Kid Icarus: Uprising.

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I replay Max Payne 1/2 almost every year.
Same for MGS1/2/3. Sometimes 4 too, but not as often.

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Nibelilt wrote:

I probably replay games more than play new games... -_-

Same here

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I agree with most people on here, it really depends on the game. Most games I constantly revisit are games that dont really have plots, like Mario Kart etc. Although I am in my second play through of Fire Emblem and I'm still grinding in Monster Hunter. I also noticed alot of people went on to get 100% in Luigi's mansion but the game didn't hold my attention, so yah. It really depends on your enjoyment. Not gonna lie i've played through Sonic Generations on the 3DS 4 times already.

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I replay a lot of my games. They just have to be games that I really enjoyed and have good memories with. I'm replaying through the .Hack G.U series currently.

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Honestly, it depends on the game I'm replaying. Example: I find myself playing Paper Mario: Sticker Star more times than I do with The Thousand Year Door because of how shorter Sticker Star is in comparison. It's also easier to jump into.

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There's only a few games I revisit regularly.

For instance, I play Luigi's Mansion quite a few times every year :3

Other than that, it really depends.

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I tend to dedicate a Nostaligic game every Halloween, or my birthday, etc. This Halloween will be Catherine, Birthday will be Arkham Asylum.

Or if it's an anniversary (ex. Mega Man 25th anniversary) or a marathon(played dead space 1&2 before the release of 3).

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i still play alot of my old games. I get into a killer instinct frenzy every 2 years or so. me and my friends usually have an old school tournament weekend multiple times a year and we go back and revisit nes snes, n64, dreamcast and gamecube games. Then we realize how much better the older games were than todays games for the most part.

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I've done this a lot. If it's a pretty good game I'm likely to replay it. There some games of which I probably not going to replay even if they are really good like Zelda. A long rpg that's not like KOTOR I'm probably not going to replay either.

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