Topic: How often do you buy games?

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typically i buy 1 every three months, however I'm going over board this month and getting Mario and Luigi and kingdom hearts, next will be NSMB wii then golden sun DS then monster hunter, And that will be it for about 2 years...possibly excluding wiiware if there are any new gems

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Too. Bleeping. Often. I admit it, but I feel trapped in my own spending habits. It's BAD. I average at LEAST six games a month, split among downloads and retail for all systems, and it's only getting worse as we speed towards Christmas again. This week alone I've got the new Layton game and Dissidia (brother's buying Prime Trilogy).

Reserved: Demon Souls, Katamari Forever, Spirit Tracks, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Uncharted 2, Scribblenauts, and the two aforementioned titles. Also planning to reserve New Super Mario Bros. Wii. And who even KNOWS what awesome downloads might release in upcoming months?

This would be perfectly managable if I had a reasonably steady income. Low hours at Gamestop and difficulty getting a second job leave me broke, but I can't decide which games to give up!

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To often, I have 46 wii games and am behind for the last 2 months.

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If we're talking all games including downloadable ones, I average about 1 or 2 a week. If it's strictly retail, about once a month.

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Every so often.

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Maybe, once or twice a month, it really depends on what games come out that month =)

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i buy 1 or two games a month usually but this september i think i might have to get 3 in one month

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Too often. Invariably I'll find some overlooked gem on sale and pick it up or start trawling Ebay for old Gamecube games (this is my recent thing). For full price releases I've been good at sticking to a one-per-month cap, though. This does result in an annoying back log at times (Anno is presently on my to-buy list; after next month others will join it!). If the Wii had more gaming droughts this wouldn't happen!

I don't budget too well for the online stuff either: 6000pts a month minimum between the two Wiis.

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I try to buy at least one per month, usually ends up being two though. PC, DS or Wii.

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