Topic: How many showers do you take per week?

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Luigi78 wrote:


no it was you daily log. log was litteral . it was about using the restroom and the details. we bonded talking in that thread then it died

LOL ,Restroom???? Is that really what you guys call it over there. It's always made me laugh for some reason.Just going for a rest

Yeah, but what could we call it? Poop room? Tinkle closet?

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Once a day...
Sometimes another after a run, depending on the temperature.

During the school year it was two most school days, with a third often. Due to gym class, then running or track after school.


@The Fox Here's a few for starters: Toilet, Loo , Bog ,S**thouse,S***er,Crapper,Trap, Stones, p*sspot, geez even Lavatory's better ,you've just gotta get creative . Restroom,I dunno it's just so quaint. It's funny that for such a violent country your so polite.Have a nice day
Oh and just to stay on topic I will be shortly taking my second shower of the day, woot!!

What's this bit for again?


The+Fox wrote:

Tinkle closet?

Very close. It's a bit of an outdated term now, but "water closet," or W.C., is a valid term, too.

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It depends what I'm doing that week.

If I play football I'll need to shower when I get in, and I can play football up to 4 times a week depending on the time of year.

Other times of year when I'm on holiday and have nothing to do I just take them whenever I start to feel like one. So maybe only twice a week. - But this will be when I'm doing nothing but gaming for days at a time. If I'm meeting friends or something and feel like I need to take a shower then I will. I'd get paranoid about being smelly otherwise lol



In college I've found that when I sit in back of a huge lecture room, everyone is too busy taking notes to care whether someone smells or not. That might be a contributing factor to my laziness

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Apologies if I soiled this thread with my random sh***. It was rude of me.

Now who did it?!?! Come on, I must know why! Ahahahahahahaha.

I'm just confused as to how some don't get through the filter, yet similarly useless threads survive. I need guidance.
yeah ok, I'll shut up now

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@luigi78 yep thats us polite americans . it is the the room where we rest by taking a crap

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I take one every other day.

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Two (One, before grandma offered to pay me for taking 2 showers weekly, I am not joking). I feel its a waste of time and water, since nobody notices when someone doesnt shower, and as for me I dont feel any real difference by doing or not doing this.

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Everyday I take at least one shower.

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I average about 3 per week. Have no need to take anymore usually...



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Meowph, that's right!

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