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This is my 530th post on Nintendo Life, I joined last year in March, I'm just wondering for you guys out there, How many posts have you made on these Forums? Also when did you join and lastly, how many User Comments have you made on News pages, me? apparently 169, but that's not many. Anyway I love Stats, so let this be a topic for those wanting to share theirs, have fun!

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I've made 3,813 Nintendo Life Forum Posts since I joined in September of 2012,And there's 162 News Article Comments that I've made.

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I've made 1,716 forum posts and 359 article comments since I joined in May of 2010..

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I joined in the middle of last November, I've made 1,367 forum posts, and I've made 178 comments. I suppose thats 1,368 forum posts now though.

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I've made 6,941 posts 649 comments since I joined the site in 2009.


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I've made 732 comments on articles, and this will be my 2102nd post on the forums. I joined the day after Wii U launched on (Nov. 19th 2012).
I was a member here for a while during the DS(i) and Wii days, but that profile doesn't exist anymore.


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Forum Posts: 3,951
Article Posts: Couldn't find this...


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1, this one. There will be more.

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Join Date: January 20th, 2008
Forum posts: 1,656
Article comments: 703

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Join Date: Sun 18th December, 2011
Forum Posts: 1,879
Aricle Comments: 84

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I've made 531 article comments, and 1,288 forum posts. I made an account here on September 5th, 2012.

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361 Article comments
1,018 Forum posts including this one
Joined 20th August 2011, I don't think I was that active until later though
its been that long?

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I joined 4th of October 2012
and I have made 1,609 forum posts and 98 article comments.

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I joined June 3rd last year to comment on E3. Only 717 forum posts... And I don't know how to check article posts.

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Joined 14th September, 2012 and made 1,105 forum posts (including this one).
Also, about 144 article posts and counting.

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I joined on August 29th in 2009 and surprisingly enough I remember why I joined; to comment on a teaser for BIT.TRIP VOID.

As for my posts, I've made 3020 forums posts (that includes this one) and I've made exactly 750 article comments.

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Joined: August 11th, 2011
forum posts: 570 (including this one)
article posts: 471

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Thursday September 22nd 2011, with 904 posts (counting this one).

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This is my 1,685th Post.

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3,766 forum posts since September 24th, 2009. 2,396 of those posts were from my first year as a member on this site (I used to post all the time back then). My number of posts really dropped off in 2012 though, I've only made 347 since January 1st, 2012 and half of those were probably in the music thread (although my posts in that thread have really dropped off this year).

As for article comments, it only goes back to 750, and I know I made posts before October 10th, 2009.

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