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Magikarp wrote:

Intrepid wrote:

I go to vocabulary lists and make flash cards to build vocabulary. I swear, grammer rules and verb conjugation will be the death of me!

Verb conjugation is a problem in most non-English languages. You should be glad they invented the oblique case just to make everything easier

I don't see how you couldn't like drawing characters though, I find it way more fun than writing the same 26 letters over and over

Well... For me, I suck at drawing, doodling and all that stuff.

So it's a little hard for me to get the hang of it. I'm trying my best though :3

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One, have a wild guess what it is

I used to do Spanish at GCSE, but I only did it because all of the subject options we had in my school were really bad. It was either that, carpentry, cooking or music. I ended up getting a D in it, and I don't really care. Forgotten 90% of it now anyway.

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CaptainSquid wrote:

I was born and raised in eastern America, (on the playground is where I spent most of my days) so I pretty much only know English. But I am learning Spanish, and I hope to learn French, Italian (especially), and possibly German. But, really any languages that I can learn would be great, foreign languages are cool. Much cooler than English, if I might say. (y is sometimes a vowel? wtf?)

If the rules with the letter Y seems off to you just wait until you really start to learn another language. Every language has their own weird idiosyncrasies that seem to be there just to confuse people, lol.

But to answer the question at hand I speak English (obviously), Spanish and plenty of Russian profanity thanks to my roommate.

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Native English, 4+ years of German, currently learning Gaeilge. Irish is nearly impossible to find people to practice with I find it to be so interesting and easier to learn than German however pronunciation is much harder due to all of the hidden/silent letters.

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Ok this just gave the weirdest déjà vu.

I noticed my post in the first page said "a little bit animalese" instead of "a little bit Pikachu", which is what I remember writing, and no one had edited it and it kinda weirded me out.

Turns out this is just a really old thread called exactly the same as another more recent one, and I posted the exact same thing in the first page of both, except I changed the joke language.

So... Should I close this as necro posting?

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Meowph, that's right!

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I'm Portuguese, so I evidently speak the language.
I also speak English (otherwise I would not be able to write this reply) and I believe I do it quite well. I always liked it and wanted to know more. I studied it in school for 8 years and had to use it on a daily basis in college.
I speak French, aussi. 3 years in school and a 3 months workshop after college. I manage to be good at reading and writing it. I'm just terrible at understanding native Frenchmen talk. Que est-ce que tu a dit? Comment?
Recently, I had a 2 months workshop of basic German. So, ich auch spreche ein bischen auf Deutsch. But just a bit. We're talking the tip of the iceberg.
I can "improsive" in Spanish, although I never had a single class of it. Whenever I got to neighbouring Spain, I manage to be understood. Perks of a Latin-based mother tongue.



I know dozens of languages, I just don't understand any of it. I want to learn Japanese for some great Japan exclusive games/movies etc., but I never find the time. I'ts also pretty useless for me beyond those hobby purposes.

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Native: Flemish, Dutch
Fluent: English, French
Intermediate: German, Spanish
Beginner: Classical Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Norwegian and Swedish

I graduated as a linguist and work as a multilingual writer so I'm basically working with foreign languages all the time.

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My native language is spanish, and I also speak english (started learning when I was 6). Now, I want to learn french when I have a bit more free time.

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Finnish, English and Swedish (in order of competence). It's something, though I'd hope to learn myself more major languages sometime in the future.

Hey, now that I think about it, I can of course recite all sorts of fancy-pants Latin phrases to sound like an intellectual without really doing anything, such as: ”Post hoc ergo propter hoc” etc.

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@Miss_Dark: that's really cool!

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@6ch6ris6: it's a pain tbh i'm extremely passionate about it, it absorbs a lot of my time xD

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Native: English
Fluent: Japanese
Advanced, but rusty: Mandarin Chinese
Suuuper rusty and skill has regressed: Spanish.

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@Miss_Dark: Wow. That's... actually really impressive.

Filipino is my native language. I prefer English, though. I speak it better than I speak Filipino, actually.
wanting to learn japanese because i'm a weeb

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