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Topic: How many languages do you know?

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Magikarp wrote:

Intrepid wrote:

I go to vocabulary lists and make flash cards to build vocabulary. I swear, grammer rules and verb conjugation will be the death of me! :)

Verb conjugation is a problem in most non-English languages. You should be glad they invented the oblique case just to make everything easier :D

I don't see how you couldn't like drawing characters though, I find it way more fun than writing the same 26 letters over and over

Well... For me, I suck at drawing, doodling and all that stuff.

So it's a little hard for me to get the hang of it. I'm trying my best though :3

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One, have a wild guess what it is ;)

I used to do Spanish at GCSE, but I only did it because all of the subject options we had in my school were really bad. It was either that, carpentry, cooking or music. I ended up getting a D in it, and I don't really care. Forgotten 90% of it now anyway.

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One. I am kinda learning Latin, but I'm terrible at it.

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CaptainSquid wrote:

I was born and raised in eastern America, (on the playground is where I spent most of my days) so I pretty much only know English. But I am learning Spanish, and I hope to learn French, Italian (especially), and possibly German. But, really any languages that I can learn would be great, foreign languages are cool. Much cooler than English, if I might say. (y is sometimes a vowel? wtf?)

If the rules with the letter Y seems off to you just wait until you really start to learn another language. Every language has their own weird idiosyncrasies that seem to be there just to confuse people, lol.

But to answer the question at hand I speak English (obviously), Spanish and plenty of Russian profanity thanks to my roommate.

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