Topic: How Many Games Do You Actually Finish?

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I was going through my library of backlog which seems to grow day after day, year after year. I realized that I have a ton of games I need to finish. I am not talking about games I play and hate (Duke Nukem Forever). I am talking about games I genuinely like, but for one reason or another, I put them down and never went back to them. For instance, I have about 12 games now that I intend to finish. Quite a few of them, I am deep into the last half of the game. Am I the only one like this, or are there others like me...the ADG (Attention Deficit Gamer)?

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I tend to finish all of my games however I always have a few on backlog. I usally play one game and then have atleast one one in que

ex. I am play Persona 4 on PS2 however I stil have Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2 that i still need to play
on Wii Im playing Xenoblade Chronicles but have The Last story all lined up for whenever I finish Xenoblade

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Im sort of like you. I could be playing a great game then i get bored of it pretty quick and start another game. Problem is though, when i go back to the game i usually start again cause thats how my head rolls. But im only playing one game at a time now even if im super bored!

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I just finally gave up on some of them and sold em to GameStop. There was no way I would have ever had time to catch up on my backlog. Even with a significantly smaller pool of games, I still finding myself buying more and 100% knowing that I probably won't ever get to them.

Maybe it's an addiction. ::

Although, this is the first time in my life I've ever purchased games for the sole reason of supporting a platform. (Vita)



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I guess this is one reason I wasn't too broke up about the Wii U not having trophies. I am to the point now that I try to get the story done and not worry about all of the achievements. I tell myself I will go back and pick the up later, but I never do.


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All of them eventually. Rarely at 100% though.

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i beat everyone i play no matter what the cost is.

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Not a lot, but I'm getting better

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Xenonlade, I'll probably start over again, since I have played it in over a half year.
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yeah... I have my hands full

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I try to beat almost all of them if possible.

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Pokemon games and NSMB2 are the only games that i have ever finished. I start a game and then I get bored of it or something happens and I forget about it. I have three kids so I don't always have time to play my video games.

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Over 98. My Backlog is unfinished, but that's all I've got on there for now.

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I used to always beat games, as a kid. Now I'm neglecting a lot (KH3D, Golden Sun DD, and much less Wii games, among others).

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I think I own about 10 games that I haven't beaten

FYI I have a lot of games too many to count

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Games of the past we're too hard to beat, games these days are or too long, monotonous, boring, sequels or life gets in the way constantly to finish the game. Luckily there are a few games that I get to beat at least once

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Out of all the games I own... The only one I haven't finished yet is Fire Emblem 7, since I just bought it yesterday and I haven't played it yet.

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