Topic: How likely do you think is it that we’ll get a sequel to breath of the wild?

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Breath of the wild took 4 to 5 years to develop, with two delays being made due to botw’s engine needing more work. Considering how much effort was put into botw, I say that another Zelda is currently in the works right now reusing botw’s engine. But what do you think about this?

I say there’s about a 7/10 chance that this theory is true, but that might be just wishful thinking.



Last time that we got a game with the same engine was Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time. after that Zelda started using different graphics in their games.
although, it wouldn't be first time Nintendo tried to make sequels after each game, Super Mario 64 was suppose to get a sequel called "Super Mario 64 2" but they cancelled that.
and there was plans for a Animal Crossing 2 for Gamecube? (
and finally Nintendo released Super Mario Galaxy 2.

as for Breath of The Wild 2. i'm gonna say that's about 5/10 chance of happening. but who knows, i love Breath of The Wild and hope there's a sequel for it.

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They’ll definitely want to recycle that engine. What they do with it is anyone’s guess.

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I think it is entirely possible, but if they do - not for another year or two. As to the likelihood, I'd guess at slightly better than 50/50. Maybe like a 55% chance.

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I agree with TC about 7/10. They could easily pull a Mario Galaxy situation and reuse a ton of assets to save time/money for a quicker-than-usual sequel. I wouldn't complain. Mario Galaxy 2 was fantastic, and there is so much more they could do with Breath of the Wild's engine.

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There was word about a Zelda game in 2020 using the Breath of the Wild engine. You can make up your own mind about the claim.

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faint wrote:

They’ll definitely want to recycle that engine. What they do with it is anyone’s guess.

Basically, this. Doesn't mean it will be similar in structure to play, though.

I could use a new zelda in botw style right about now. I hope they pull another one like they did with majora's mask.

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Hopefully yes, we need the Switch life cycle to be "DS Like."

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lol i was right



@The_Korean Yep but the second delay was not because of that. Nintendo admitted that they spent the last year porting the game to Switch, delayed both versions and downgraded the Wii U version removing features.



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