Topic: how is your avatar relevant to your username?

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i see often that people's avatars look somehow relevant to their usernames. how relevant are they? my username is Beaker from the muppets. nobody remembers him, or the muppets. he counts.

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My user has nothing to do with my avatar

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It's severely outdated, but I guess you can look at it if you want. (?)
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mine is a picture of mieu from TOTA :3 and my name ish mieu-fire



Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't.

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It's not... Not directly.
If you look at it from really far away, then you can see.

I chose kyuubikid213 because I was an avid Naruto fan at the time and "Kyuubi" is the name of the nine-tailed fox inside Naruto. "kid" and "213" are irrelevant in this case, so I'll leave out why they're there. Anyway, I later lost my obsessive interest in the series, although I still like it, and only kept it because I have a hard time remembering a lot of things. Anyway, one day, I wanted to make an icon for another online account I have. I went through about seven different Icons. Then Pokemon HeartGold version came out which renewed my love for Pokemon by remaking my first game. I then changed my icon to the Pokemon Diamond male sprite and edited it in MSPaint to look more like me. After going hardcore on Pokemon again, I remembered there was a Nine Tailed Fox in this game as well, but this time simply dubbed "Ninetales." I looked at the Japanese name which was "Kyukon" and said, "Well, that's close enough to "kyuubi" for me to keep it relevant!" So I donned the name "kyuubikid213" as a reference to Ninetales from Pokemon as opposed to the Demon Fox from Naruto.

The "Kid" part comes from the fact that I still felt young at the age I made the username and the "213" part comes from the fact that the first website I went to required that I use a combination of letters and numbers. I only wanted "kyuubikid," but that was unavailable and the first substitution they gave me was kyuubikid213, so I took it.

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Not really.

Yeah I don’t know either.

Eh! My gameplay videos

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It's not.
In case you hadn't noticed.

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My username is my name. My avatar is my face.

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my avatar is relevant to my username because they play poker every thursday at 7 pm.

But seriously, not at all

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Moomoo is one of the partner characters in a game called Air Zonk, and that is my avatar and username.

Best thread ever
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It isn't


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Both made by Game Freak

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its relevant cus .... pikachus are random? ...? i dunno .-.

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just a nintendo gamer on a nintendo related site (who wouldve seen that one coming?)
the random user name randomly became a Pikachu.


randomusername wrote:

its relevant cus .... pikachus are random? ...? i dunno .-.

All Pokemon except the interactive ones are random

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