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Topic: How does one become part of the Nintendo Life team?

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KnucklesSonic8 wrote:

SuperSonic1990 a member of staff? Oh boy... I don't even wanna picture that...

It'll be the end of civilised society! * burp *

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Tails86 wrote:

PhoenixSage wrote:

malnin wrote:

I tried to join the team once but my regection was so heavaly suger coated I fear they think im 12 :O

Well, at least it was delicious. Mmm, sugar...

And if you guys are looking for any Retro reviews I could always whip up a quick one on Golden Sun...

As big a fan as you are you would give a great one ^^ & i'd read it & vote you in for sure :D

Aww...Thanks, Tails! I'm flattered.

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@Briunji04-I'm actually flattered, thanks. If I ever become a moderator, I will remember that in the future.
@Locke Cole-Yes, if I ever become a moderator, it will be the end of civilization as we know it. :D

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