Topic: How do you feel about video game companies dipping into USA Politics?

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Nintendo of America Contributions:
Overall Lobbying:

Overall Contributions and Lobbying:

Overall Contributions and Lobbying:

Misc Manufacturing and Distributing Contributions and Lobbying List:

As we can see, Nintendo has barely dipped a toe in a few times. Meanwhile, Sony has plunged in head first many times, and Microsoft has created a special diving suit for constant repeat occasions. Clearly, Sony and Microsoft are no strangers to pulling strings and slipping a few (translation: A LOT) of big bribes here and there.

But what about Nintendo? They don't get very involved, yet they've spent over $30,000 in total on individual-sent contributions to both American Democrats and American Republicans since the early SNES / Game Boy days. Especially in 2000, towards the American Democrats. (Looks like someone didn't like Bush very much!) More recently, there have been several years where $20,000 was spent per year on lobbying.

This doesn't seem unusual in some cases. (For example, H.R.4216, Foreign Counterfeit Prevention Act, and H.R.6654, Foreign Counterfeit Merchandise Prevention Act, are two common sense issues for Nintendo to have an interest in. I'm surprised these two have not yet been expanded and/or gone into effect against all those phone game knock-offs!) However... it's a little unnerving for me to see Nintendo (even with it's lesser influence) amongst the likes of General Electric, Bayer AG, and... the US Chamber of Commerce.

Any thoughts?

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