Topic: How did you guys find out about Nintendo Life?

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VC Reviews changed into this. At first I was skeptical about the merge, but now I'm addicted! VC and DSiWare all in one place! Glorious!

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I was looking for the old VC reviews site which I remembered visiting once or twice a long time ago, only to find out it was called Nintendo Life now. I really liked the site and its dedicated and nice community so I stuck around. That was a few months ago.

I've visited the site on a regular basis for about four months now.

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I was looking for reviews for a game, I forget what it was now, and found Nintendo Life with a pretty good one. I checked it out more, and in a month or so, I made an account! (This was all after the merge.)

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I've been here since it was called VC Archives back in 2006 before I even got my Wii.

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I was looking for virtual console reviews, found and well you know how the story goes...

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I just started here not that long ago. I googled DSiware reviews, and this was the first site that came up. I've never been here before, I've always just read Gonintendo, Infendo and 4colorrebellion. I like this site, the reviews are up pretty quickly.



Some time ago, I googled for WiiWare reviews... this site was number one on the list. I liked it, book marked it , but joined the boards after the huge "" redesign.

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I was searching for VirtualConsole reviews half a year ago and ended up here. Since then I always checked here for Nintendo related news and eventually discovered the boards with all those cool people. Finally I registered because it's the biggest and best Nnintendo community webwide.



I was looking for a listing of VC/WiiWare titles and stumbled onto VC-Reviews/WiiWare World. A little while after the merge to NintendoLife, I decided to make an account.


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liquidsoul wrote:

I was looking for virtual console reviews, found and well you know how the story goes...

Yup same here. I was totally blown away with how fast the site would get the list of new games out, and it actually made me look forward to Mondays. Sadly, our VC isn't so active these days, so I just love coming back to the site for the forums and interesting new news tidbits.

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Was looking for a list of WiiWare titles, and found through google. Visited that site frequently for a few months before the merger. Finally decided to register not too long ago.

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I was looking for dsiware reviews a few months ago.

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