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I found this site after searching for dsiware reviews. Got a dsi for Christmas and needed to know the best games for my money.

Funny thing is i`m on my ds right now. Now i`m on the site almost everyday.

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I found this site when it was called VCReviews and WiiWareWorld. I'm not sure what I was looking for.



i found this site about six months ago when i was googling dsiware and wiiware reviews. and after a couple of days looking at the stuff there was i joined.



I was looking for a review for Water warfare. This was the first place. I poked around, and joined. Best. Decision. Ever.


Well, I got tired of hearing IGN rant about how terrible Nintendo is. So I Googled 'Nintendo Reviews', looked through a couple pages of terrible review sites, and found this one. And I'm glad I did. C:

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You notice how many people joined here because of the reviews for Nintendo downloadable games? I guess it really DOES pay to offer a service practically nobody else does, eh? Cheers to NLife for continuing to review EVERY Nintendo download, no matter how crappy!

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greyelephant wrote:

I was doing a search for "unsafe websites" and this one topped the list.

I was doing a search for "blatant lies" and that topped the list.

So anyway, I was trying to find info on virtual console games since Nintendo Power's two-sentence blurbs weren't quite enough for me. I started by browsing the "List of Virtual Console games" on Wikipedia (which almost convinced me to buy Toejam & Earl – phew!) and one of the pages, possibly the one for J. J. and Jeff, which I read for a laugh , referenced a site called "Very professional-looking, " I thought, "perhaps I should remember this." Yeah, I forgot the next day. Next time I (guess what) Googled "virtual console reviews" it was the first page I saw! I was still a bit creeped out by Dazza and Damo's karate-gear-clad caricatures atop their reviews, but I got past that, set up an account, and I've been following the news here ever since.

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I found the site when it was just vc reveiws before wiiware review even existed and it happened on my wii looking for vc release games coming up i been following the site since that day of discovery



I found it by googling Virtual Console reviews, and I then found VC-Reviews and WiiWareWorld. Best nintendo site ever!



Got this place as a result on google.

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i died on october 11, 2008. i got judged by an angel and was decided to be put in either heaven or hell. the angel thought that i had committed deeds too evil for even hell, and so she put me here where i am condemned to suffer forever.

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TheLonelyGamer wrote:

I was looking to see what VC games got released one week a pretty long time ago.
Then on Thanksgiving Day, I joined NLife.

Remember when we first met? It was like... three in the morning XD

I came in April, a little after the DSi was released. I was looking for DSiWare stuff. I joined, but didn't post like, at all, until about a month later. (Of course this was me as minial100)

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wiiware world and vc-reviews was the way i found it. I just kinda wish they were still seperated (sniff)



Someone linked this site on the [adult swim] boards a few months ago (along with goNintendo) and I've been here ever since...

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@Stuffy: definitely. i realized when working on my own site for a while just how popular a topic VC and WiiWare games are. we got more hits on our downloadable game reviews than for the rest of the site combined at times. really, no one but NL covers them so consistently (if at all), so it is indeed a valuable service.

on topic: i found this like everyone else... looking for VC and WiiWare reviews, and solid Wii reviews that weren't HD-biased. i found my home now.

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I was browsing Nintendo's game guide, mostly for fun. Saw Family Slotcar Racing, wondered if it was any good. A quick Gamerankings search leads to a few sites. Saw this one. Never checked it again until one day when I wanted a podcast to listen to. After hearing the first, I looked to see what else was on the site. Was around for a few months, checking in every day for news. Occasionaly read some forum topics that caught my eye. Eventually tried to join, only to see the horror of no Hotmail acceptances. About another month passes, and I end up needing to ask a question. Made a shiny new GMail account, and now I'm here. Generally, this is what I remember.



slapshot82 wrote:

@zezhyrule... lol. Thanks for the clarification, It havent read the review since and my memory failed me from a year ago. The reason I get that one confuse is because somewhere in the depths of the forums me and Corbie talked about Shantae a few times and also the comment he left on the Shantae review talking about review perspectives. Sorry for the confusion.

Haha sorry about that, I was kinda rude back then.

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Me I found it totally by accident. I usually went to Wikipedia to find out what upcoming VC games were coming out for the Wii. I noticed that the author of the page used NintendoLife as a source reference so I clicked on the link and it brought me here. Thats was back when NintendoLife was just reviews and such.

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Wow, I had no idea so many of us came here for VC and WiiWare info.
I first showed up looking for previews too. After I spotted one for Ogre Battle 64, I've been coming back ever since. my pants.


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