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I was looking for any reviews for Real Soccer 2009 for the Dsiware, which I wanted to be my first dsiware game purchase(free 1000 point ). Im not sure many review sites had for that game but Nintendo Life was one of them. It didnt take long for me to figure out that N. Life was the pretty much the only site that had a review for every single Dsiware release.

BTW: Asphalt 4 ended up being my first DSiware purchase which I still enjoy to quick race on......
Thanks Nintendo Life

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I was looking for VC reviews and upcoming releases (thinking somewhere on the interwebs would know what upcoming releases were in store for the VC...oh, how young and naive I was). I found and a couple months later it changed into Nintendo life, and I got hooked on the whole thing. So much less of a time sucker when it was just VC reviews.

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I use Metacritic a lot. But I do actually read the reviews (as opposed to just looking at the scores), and I kept getting linked to this site (particularly with WiiWare games) and found that I continuously liked the reviews. Then I started exploring the site outside of just the reviews I was linked to. I followed the site for months without actually joining until a couple weeks ago.

And now I'm here!

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Didn't this site used to be called ""??

I dunno...I do know that i joined this site due to demon212.

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Before I joined, NintendoLife used to be until it merged together with the other portions of the site. I've joined the site on August 22nd of 2009, and it was one of the most memorable moments ever. It was my first ever time in a community forum, and it's an awesome one at that. NintendoLife FTW!!!

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...Remember something about looking for VC releases a while back around when the Wii came out. Whatever the case, most likely from Google, lol.


I was interested in DSiWare since I was getting a DSi in July last year so I Googled some reviews and it led me here.

However I never started to appear on the forums until around the time when the wild Flipnote Studio release date rumors started to go around back in late July/early August.

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Was looking for a good site that did Virtual Console reviews--since I'm a relatively young gamer (just turned 18) the VC is home to a lot of crazy games I've never heard of. I found a nifty site called VC Reviews. Then, this crazy thing called WiiWare came out and the site expanded. I thought, "hey this place is kind of neat!". Then, not so long ago, I came to check out the review of...something, can't remember, and the site was relabled Nintendo Life. My life was never the same again.

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All the way back in October '09, I was interested in buying Art Academy for my DSi. But there were two versions out at that time and I wanted to know if there were any more features in second semester. So I was looking for reviews on Gamefaqs to see which one I should purchase. I was looking at gamerankings reveiw average or something on there, and there was a review of second semester on a site called Nintendo Life. I was reading the review and the comments, and thought it was so cool how everyone was so nice to eachother (and how you can comment on the reviews as well, something Gamefaqs wasn't like). So I ended up joining. Lets just say that Chicken Brutus's 4/10 review of Art Academy: Second Semester brought me to the site (oh, I bought first semester btw:))

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I don't remember?


i wanted to read some good reviews for the DSiWare games and happened to find this marvelous site.

i think i found a link in gamespot, or something.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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Um, if I recall correctly then someone on Backloggery told me about this site. I think it was Feenie.

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Well I guess Im the ONLY one with my story of finding NL......

I actually had just got in my copy of Densetsu No Stafi 3 from Japan and wanted to find a review of the game. I Googled Densetsu No Stafi Review and up popped NL with a review of the original import game,and then the NEXT day Corbie reviewed Densetsu No Stafi 2. Around a week later Corbie Reviewed Densetsu No Stafi 3 and I got a fresh written Retro Review here on NL on a game I just got and Corbie as always did a great job. Like a week after that Corbie dropped a big bombshell here on NL and wrote the best review of Shantae GBC here on NL awarding it a PERFECT 10. Ive been hooked ever since.

Im most a Retro Nintendo fan (ive learned being critical to new Nintendo products nets me a good deal of heat here lol ), and getting new Retro reviews here on NL instead of ages old ones, really is a big difference as from someone playing back through the game and giving a up-to-date review on the game really helps knowing if something should be left in the past, and a great memory as we all know so well happens with some games. Since though NL has grown into a great community and Im glad to still be here nearly a year later.

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slapshot82 wrote:

Like a week after that Corbie dropped a big bombshell here on NL and wrote the best review of Shantae GBC here on NL awarding it a PERFECT 10. Ive been hooked ever since.

How many times will I say this! Corbie did NOT review Shantae! Kaes did!
(No offense to Corbie of course)

Edit: Ouch, I was mean back in the day. Sorry for screaming dude

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I don't remember. I've been here since 2006 even before I got my Wii online to download VC games.

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@slapshot - Corbie didn't review Shantae for the Game Boy Color. Kaes Delgrego did.

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Dear God...
I was looking at my old posts on this thread...They were from when I first joined...I cringed...
Did I really sound like that?!?
I would like to apologize to Nintendolife for my atrocious contortion of the English language...
I'm not gonna edit them, though. They're a piece of history! :3

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After doing a Google search for VC reviews...looks like I am not alone.



@zezhyrule... lol. Thanks for the clarification, It havent read the review since and my memory failed me from a year ago. The reason I get that one confuse is because somewhere in the depths of the forums me and Corbie talked about Shantae a few times and also the comment he left on the Shantae review talking about review perspectives. Sorry for the confusion.

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