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...i'm not sure actually, i think i just found it one day and joined o.O lol


Um..I'm trying to remember. Google search,perhaps? But,I know I joined VC Reviews originally before WiiWare World even existed.
So,I was here before Corbie was.



Looks like a lot of people found this by googling "virtual console reviews." I know that's what I did. By the time I got my Wii there was loads of stuff on the VC, so I wanted to know what was worth my time (besides old favorites), and maybe read some good reviews of old games for nostalgia's sake.

Hence I found vc-reviews, which itself had a link to WiiWare World.

It was all downhill from there.




I stumbled on vc-reviews when I was googling, then when the site got an update I decided to register. This is by far one of the awesomest sites I've been on. (Watching a chicken and a weirdadam try to ban each other is just too funny)



I was desperately searching for a Mighty Flip Champs! review (because I was bored), and Nintendo Life had the first official critique. I explored the site and favored the strong support it provides for downloadable games. Ta dah! Seriously, kudos to Nintendo Life for the first MFC! review.


I found it because i was going to make a website like this, except it was already taken. (

lol ;o



I just followed my heart. I.e.

Edwin wrote:

I started with vc-reviews soon after it launched. I probably googled "virtual console".

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I also originally found VC-reviews. I believe I wasn't even looking for detailed reviews so much as a clean interface for browsing all the available titles by system, type, etc, and being able to sort by rating so that I could see some acclaimed titles to try out in different genres (like shmups, on which I am generally uninformed). It provided that. I returned. The sites merged. I started posting. And so on.

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WOW, I am suprised so many people found it through virtual console reviews!(not what I was expecting)
All I can say is, "Thank God for Google!"

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Surely you can say more than that.

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I also found the site as the authority on vc-reviews. The vc is why I bought a wii. I had not had a Nintendo system since the SNES!

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I found WWW on Youtube when I was looking at trailers for upcoming WiiWare titles.
Searched it on Google, found it, and joined. I`ve had a couple accounts over the year, so yeah

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I found WiiWare World via Metacritic around the time Helix was released. But I didn't register until Onslaught came along, if I remember correctly. I didn't ever really care about vc-reviews since I pretty much knew which VC games I wanted to buy.

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I found WiiWare-World looking up reviews for the initial WiiWare batch. I used them and purchased LostWinds.

I didn't come back after that until I saw a quote from a WW-W reveiw in a trailer for a game called Helix. I checked back wondering if anyother games were worth it. From that point on I checked just about daily for news. I didn't join until recently, however.

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I downloaded Summer Games with some left of Wii points and thought to myself i need to read some reviews instead of impulse buying. I found VC-reviews + found it to be the best source for news and reviews and also suprisingly friendly & troll free compared to the majority of gaming sites and it is now a pleasure to visit this site and see the latest news, reviews & Chicken Brutus/Adam threads

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Let's see. When I was getting alot of VC games, wanted to look for a really good VC website. Did a google search and I found VC-reviews. I was looking through the site, I thought this was a really great site. It was the only place I would go for reviews on many VC games. One day I noticed I was taken to Nintendolife when trying to type in I was like "Why is it called Nintendolife?" I thought it was a completely different site. So April comes around, and I decide to create an account. Now this my number one favorite website. I love discussing things on the forums and game pages. Best VC and WiiWare website PERIOD.



I found it by searching for Nintendo. Turns out it was actually a site about banning individual forum users.



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