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I was trying to find a list of all of the virtual console games, since the NoA site hadn't updated theirs in a really long time. I found this site (actually the old divided one) and have found it very useful and informative.



Just looking for a VC site with honest reviews and found this one. Nintendolife is the best site for all the Nintendo news and reviews you crave. These guys know their games and if it really stinks they'll tell you. If it's undeniably awesome they'll tell you. Want to know if your next possible VC purchase is a wise choice? This is the place to be.

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I was looking for a review of Paper Mario on the VC. I didn't become a member for some time after that, though. Probably about a year.

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As did the majority of other people, I came here looking for VC info, as it was hard to find anywhere else, back when it was VC-Reviews

This was before WiiWare World, which I immediately went to for my WiiWare info as well

Feel free to add me to any of the listed consoles or services here :D just let me know who you are!

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I Found this Site, looking For DSiware Reviews.
Since The last Site I used to go to all the time ( IGN ) didn't always review DSiware games.

But what really made me want to sign up to this Site, was The Threads on here.
You don't see alot of Negative Threads on Bashing other Consoles for no reason.

And its the only site I been on, that dosen't have about 20 Threads on "How much the Wii Sucks" or "Classic games are for Non-Gamers"
Guessing since this is a Nintendo fan site,and we all love to play games.
No one is judged or bully on what they can or can not play.
This is why we have a mess of Threads on Game that no one plays, but since we do on judged people and are free to talk about what they like and not have 100 Comments on why you should not like that game.

In other words, there alot of freedom here and people don't abuse it, but improve it.

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I too got into this site via, which existed independently then got merged into the larger 'nintendolife' internet empire. Some of the guys who worked and set up vcreviews are still around, like Corbie.

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I was looking for some WW reviews and I found WW World. I joined a few months after the merge



Golgo wrote:

I too got into this site via, which existed independently then got merged into the larger 'nintendolife' internet empire. Some of the guys who worked and set up vcreviews are still around, like Corbie.

I thought everyone from the VC Archive days was still around?

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I found NL while searching for a WarioWare: Snapped review (unfortunately this was after I'd bought the game and realised how bad it was) and it came up with NL. After reading it I stayed on the site and eventually started checking it everyday. Then, after months of visiting, I finally decided to join!

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I was looking for potential victims of my rage and came across these silly little forums. The rest is history

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I was looking for WiiWare reviews since most sites only review Wii games.

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I was browsing the electronics department at the Junes branch in Inaba when suddenly I fell through a TV and ended up here. I've never been able to return to reality, but... reality was overrated, anyways.

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As I've said before, I was aggressively head-hunted by a friend who wanted me on board. The rest is all a blur.


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I was fed up with the Destructoid community, so I started searching for another site that had good reviews, constant updates, and a less-annoying, less-immoral, less-slam-Christianity-with-every-chance-you-get community.
And take a look at the gem I found! I like you guys about one thousand times more.
As for the coming from Destructoid part, a little of that place rubbed off on me, so, I'm sorry for acting like a jerk (when I do).

EDIT: I am also a Nintendo-pc gamer. My two favorite gaming companies are 1. Nintendo (including all companies owned by N), and 2. Valve.

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James Newton wrote:

As I've said before, I was aggressively head-hunted by a friend who wanted me on board. The rest is all a blur.

I want to be head hunted too.

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Sry about the other thread , i didnt see this one but yea i came here end of 2009 looking for Tatsunoko vs Capcom articles and etc.

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Gee, I haven't posted here yet.

I found this site through random googling for VC reviews, back when this site was called "" Nintendo Life In particular I found when I clicked on my VC-R favorite and it brought me to NLife instead. I had to double check 3 times to make sure the link was working.

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