Topic: Hong Kong Disneyland announced Marvel area for its theme park

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I know it was announced on Wednesday, February 27th.

This something that some of us might be curious on how that Marvel area would turn out for Hong Kong Disneyland because the fact is Disney has long term plans of putting Marvel into other Disney Parks not named Walt Disney World. Walt Disney World can't have Marvel in any of its parks thanks to an existing contract Marvel has with Universal for Island of Adventure in Orlando.

I created this thread based on a Disney forum that I belong to mentioned Disneyland Paris for Walt Disney Studios Park will be getting Marvel, but it wouldn't happen before Hong Kong Disneyland finishes their Marvel area. Disneyland Paris is getting a Star Wars Land before getting a Marvel area.

I really don't want to go to the details for Star Wars land since it would derail the thread.

From what I gathered Shanghai Disneyland isn't getting a Marvel area because Disney wants Hong Kong Disneyland to be different from Shanghai Disneyland. All it appears with Marvel at this point is Disney wants Overseas to get Marvel before the Disneyland unless something gets announced in August for Disneyland for Marvel.

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