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I do lots of DIY stuff around the house. Plus I do all the maintenance on my 4 vehicles. Every once in a while I'll get involved with a big neighborhood project. Those are always fun.



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@Chony Lee..... dude I wish I could be a stay at home house husband lol. My wife is finishing up her Doctorates at the moment so maybe one day lol. If you ever get stumped on a project check out I found it today and it help a LOT with my problem. I do alot of building/fixing stuff. Last weekend I changed the brakes on my truck and rotated tires on SUV. Ive built a shed recently. Remodeled our master bathroom (wich involved ripping out a wall wich was really fun). Updated some electrical in my new house. My next big project is getting my workshop where I want it. Adding windows and putting in better electical so I can add AC Unit and a Welding Maching. Ill prob do that next summer lol.

Being a house husband is fun..... for like two weeks. Then it gets boring and you end up wishing you could go to work again.



Not too much, but I did replace the rotten floorboards we found in what became my daughter's bedroom (thank god the floorboards are under carpet -- me and a jigsaw aren't the best of friends!) and I'm always happy to try fastening broke-down IKEA furniture together properly before binning it. Also replaced the light fixture in my lounge without incident. Anything that requires a high degree of finish, however and I'll bring in the experts!

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I made a new handle for our freezer box out of an old t-shirt and some Serious Glue, that was quite inspired


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