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In Super Paper Mario during Chapter 3-4, when you are in Francis room he has a Nintendo 64, GameCube, Super Nintendo, Virtual Boy - and if you flip into 3D, a Wii.

This is a picture for those who havn't seen this

Not sure if you would class that as a easter egg with it being plainly visable and all, but i found it pretty cool, this game is full of reference's to past Mario games/Nintendo

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Not nintendo but there is an easter egg in Portal which LET'S YOU GET THE CAKE!

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In Mr. Nutz, those venus flytrap enemies vaguely look like the Pirahna Plants from the Mario games.
Also, in Donkey Kong Country 2, I think Cranky Kong is supposed to have Sonic's shoes.

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There's a castle on the horizon on one of the holes in the original Wii Sports Golf. Does anyone recognize it?

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Prosody wrote:

@NintendoPurist - that's interesting! I wonder what would happen if Nintendo ever decided to make him right-handed in a game. Would many people notice?

Well, actually Link IS right-handed in the Wii version of Twilight Princess.

In Super Mario World, when you are in Special World (the one after Star Road) and wait for a few minutes, you'll hear the Super Mario Bros main theme.



Prosody wrote:

@NintendoPurist - that's interesting! I wonder what would happen if Nintendo ever decided to make him right-handed in a game. Would many people notice?

I don't have any Easter eggs... the closest I get would be the references to Dolphin (Gamecube's codename, of course) in Super Mario Sunshine and Pikmin. That's it!

Link is right-handed in Twilight Princess for Wii. He's left handed in the Gamecube version. Most probably since your Wiimote resembles Link's sword and most people are right-handed.

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In Big Blue in both SSB Melee and SSB Brawl, there are signs you will pass which have dolphins on them. This is of course an egg featured in many games on the gamecube, referring to the codename for the Gamcube, Project Dolphin, as mentioned by NintendoPurist.

There's more, but I can't think of them at the moment.

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Prosody wrote:

@NintendoPurist - that's interesting! I wonder what would happen if Nintendo ever decided to make him right-handed in a game. Would many people notice?

Well played.



(this is actually, just a glitch) in the nes version of "a Boy and His Blob" you can give your blob a hole jellybean, and whistle to him and quickly jump into the hole, you will be nowhere, you can continue to walk across the level, while being under monster's. this only works in the day world.

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I can't believe you people missed Totaka's Song. You know the "short, 19 note tune hidden in almost every game he has worked on as a composer. It was first discovered on the title screen Mario Paint, which led many people to refer to it as the "Mario Paint song", and was thought to be the first instance of the song. It has since been discovered in the Japan-only Game Boy game X, which predates Mario Paint by months. It was later found in many other games including Animal Crossing, Link's Awakening, Yoshi Touch & Go, Virtual Boy Wario Land, Luigi's Mansion, and several others. As of now, people are still actively seeking the song in the few games Totaka has worked on where it has yet to be discovered." (Quote )

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That's kinda cool though.



Well, its within the scenery, may only be seen if you switch the camera and serves no purpose - seems pretty egg like to me... but hey.



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