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shovelware they call 360)

I don't think you know what shovelware is.

1) I really hope your joking
2) Isn't this the 5th or so time you've gone off-topic the past few days?

Back on topic (?), welcome.

5? Way more than that. I like it.
Shovelware isn't a bad game, it is a game that is low budget, meant to be bad, and is made just for money, not to entertain the consumer. Even though you may not like the 360, it is far from that.

And I see many more people have welcomed themselves, welcome to all of you. Even Stevie.

yeah i agree with you random

wii games with online
the conduit
super smash bros. brawl
mario kart
i dont have my wii working right now


1. yep, I was joking, I only called it that beacuse of the fact that I had to send in 4 360s for repair in 3 years:c 2. this is my first day posting so, nope . back on topic thanks for warm welcome, im happy to be here .....

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