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If you are a fan of the following 2 things

1. Super Smash Bros

2. Fighting Games Tourneys

please continue reading, if not this does not concern you in the least.

This year Evo (pretty much the super bowl of fighting games if you aren’t aware) is holding a donation drive to allow one lucky game to attend the huge event, and be one of the 8 main games shown during the tournament.

Which ever community chosen game earns the most money (all of which is going to the very good cause of Breast Cancer research) will win the spot.

Currently Super Smash Bros. Melee is very close in winning, but it’s still a close race so it needs your help!

You can help by donating here , again all this money is going to breast cancer research. Donations will be close the 31st of this month 11:59 pm, yes tomorrow, but it’s not to late in getting it into EVO!

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Please feel free to advertise this (or any other petition, donation drive, etc.) via your user signature — that way, as users see you contributing to topics around our forums, they may choose to participate if they so desire. Good luck to you! :3

future of NL >:3
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