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Hello I don't have much time, my name is captain Felipe Rogero Olimar. I have crash landed on a strange planet and my space suit that's filtering the poisonous oxygen I'm breathing will only last 30 days!!! Every vital ship piece been knocked off by an asteroid that hit my ship prior to this event. So I must ask your advice.
Should I get my son a Wii U for his birthday? It's coming up in March but they're so expensive.



If I were you I'd be more concerned about the whole "crash" thing.
I really don't know what to do about your other situation though, it really depends on what he wants.
Maybe just ask him.

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If I had crash landed on an alien planet and only had 30 days to either get off the planet or die, I think the least of my concerns would be whether or not to get my son a Wii U for his birthday. Unless I was Gregor Samsa or something like that.

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CaptainMorpheus wrote:



What is it with intelligent life-forms always CRASHING onto planet Earth? Why can't they just land properly like a civilized extraterrestrial would do? >:[


This is why.

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I say get him a Xbox 360 instead

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