Topic: Having Dream's about video games - Good or Bad thing?

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I think Civ and Sim City cause me the most weird dreams. Maybe Mario Kart too.

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Kaze_Memaryu wrote:

Whatever you dream about, it's neither a good nor a bad thing. It's just the process of converting impressions into information (whatever happens afterwards is up to speculation). People dream about things they deal with on an intense mental level. I often dream about ficitonal worlds from games, books, manga/animé - simply because my job isn't interesting enough to dream about most of the time (though it happens occasionally).

In other words, your life outside of video games probably isn't that exciting.

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SuperWiiU wrote:

I remember once not finding a game in my collection, then remembering that I only dreamed that I owned it.

Hahaha! I remember a similar dream from when I was a kid when I woke up and went to my SNES to play a game that I had just dreamt I rented.



It means you were thinking about the game when you went to bed. It's neither good or bad, it's just a fact.

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Dreaming of gaming? That's pretty much perfectly normal. Like dreaming of anything else you're interested in or have been involved in that day/week/month/year.

Personally, I usually end up dreaming about the games I'm yet to buy. And then worry they'll turn out to be too difficult/awkward to play, because hey why not.

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