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I saw we didn't have a thread for this even though there are several people on here i see that like it. So what is your favorite episode, character, etc. Also anyone see the new episode?

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Sorry, incredibly avid Gravity Falls fan here. This may be 3 years old, but I'm gonna answer your questions anyway.

Favourite Character
This is a very difficult question, especially considering the amazing cast of characters in the show. However, there are two in particular that I can't choose between, and that's Dipper and Soos.

  • Dipper is one of my favourite characters because of how much I can relate to him. He's young (I was around his age when the show started, so yes I can relate to him in that sense), curious, and prefers to use logic when making decisions over what his heart says. He loves mysteries, so I felt as though as I was solving the mysteries of Gravity Falls alongside him. Dipper gave me a character that I could connect with and that certainly makes him a favourite.
  • Soos is such a lovable character. He's big and goofy, but also loyal and courageous. He has some of the best jokes in the show and never fails to make me crack a smile. He also has one of the more tragic backstories that we see in the show. This just adds to the emotion that Soos' character makes us as the viewer feel throughout the show. The way he makes Stan his father figure is heartwarming, but so is the way that he would choose to protect the kids over Stan. He's a huggable goofball, with the biggest heart, arguably bigger than Mabel's.

Favourite Episode
Once again, this is a difficult one. But the question asks for my favourite episode, and not the most emotional episode, so I'm gonna go with Not What He Seems, the Season 2 mid-finale. I will try not to spoil anything, but the whole show has been leading up to this big reveal. The episode executes the reveal of this big mystery perfectly, with pacing of the story being brilliant, and the decision that has to be made towards the end does something that not many shows can do. At that moment, I genuinely had to question my trust in a character that I had loved for the past season and a half. We don't know anything except for the evidence that is given to us throughout the show, and a lot of it seems to suggest that we shouldn't trust that character. But while the other characters are having their doubts about said character, us as the viewers are also trying to work out whether to trust them or not. And of course, the final reveal was highly anticipated and left the best cliffhanger we could have asked for. It answered so many questions, but created plenty of new ones to be answered in the future.

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This is a stupid, worthless thread to revive. This is one of the best shows ever that should be talked about forever.

I'm conflicted.

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